Shanae Ankney reflects on her ‘unforgettable’ experience at the Women Tell All 

Shanae Ankney
Shanae Ankney says “dreams do come true” after journey on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Shanae Ankney was the biggest and longest-standing villain on The Bachelor Season 26 as she appeared to bump heads with multiple women on the show. 

With Shanae’s many rivalries, it seems inevitable that she’ll have the biggest target on her back when all the ladies reunite for the Women Tell All. 

However, after filming the dramatic tell all event, Shanae seemed to have nothing but positive things to say about her experience. 

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Shanae Ankney shares uplifting takeaways after filming the Women Tell All 

Shanae Ankney teased her appearance on the Women Tell All with a surprisingly positive post. 

Sharing a photo from the Women Tell All, Shanae was all smiles as she sat at the tail-end of the front row in a vibrant red dress. 

Shanae captioned the photo, “What a journey….?An unforgettable experience that I still can’t believe I was a part of. Dreams do come true. Maybe not the way you wanted them to, but this is something I’ll remember for a lifetime. ?❤️” 

It appears Shanae intends to look back fondly on her stint on The Bachelor despite all the drama and backlash she caused and experienced. 

While Shanae may feel her time on the show was a “dream,” several other women in the cast appeared to feel that Shanae made the environment more of a nightmare with her immature and insensitive antics. 

In the past, The Bachelor Season 26 cast has expressed looking forward to confronting Shanae once and for all at the Women Tell All, as she made many enemies in the house. Time will tell how the women choose to address Shanae and hold her accountable for her actions and her unapologetically hurtful comments about ADHD. 

Clayton Echard faces off with Shanae Ankney on the Women Tell All 

The women from The Bachelor Season 26 aren’t the only ones who have been eager to confront Shanae. 

The Bachelor lead Clayton Echard has also been outspoken about wanting to hold Shanae, and himself, accountable for the disappointing conduct on the show. 

Clayton allowed Shanae to stay a part of the show for a lot longer than viewers and the other women in the house would have liked, and he seemed to dismiss the other women’s concerns and grievances about Shanae. 

Watching the show as it aired, Clayton found Shanae’s behavior to be upsetting and surprising, and he and Shanae are sure to have a tense exchange of words when the Women Tell All airs. 

Tune in tonight to see how Shanae handles herself when Clayton and the women call her out at the Women Tell All.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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