Shake Chatterjee says Kyle Abrams didn’t film Love Is Blind to find a spouse, just wanted to be famous

Love is Blind Season 2 stars Shake Chatterjee and Kyle Abrams
Shake Chatterjee questioned Kyle Abrams’ intentions for going on Love is Blind. Pic credit: @thepuppydoc/@kyleabrams10/Instagram

Outspoken Love is Blind Season 2 star Shake Chatterjee claims his co-star Kyle Abrams’ intentions for appearing on the show weren’t to find love, but to gain fame.

Love is Blind viewers came to know Shake as the most unapologetically straightforward cast member during Season 2.

Although the Love is Blind experiment’s goal was to help the contestants find love sight unseen, Shake seemingly disproved the notion that love is blind, at least in his eyes.

Despite forming an emotionally connected relationship with Deepti Vampati, Shake couldn’t overcome the fact that he wasn’t physically attracted to her. Their wedding day ended with Deepti walking away and saying, “I don’t.”

Love is Blind Season 2 star Shake Chatterjee talks co-stars’ images

Continuing to share his candid opinions, Shake recently appeared on The Domenick Nati Show where he discussed a variety of topics stemming from Season 2 of Love is Blind.

One topic that Shake discussed was the intentions of his castmates on the show. He claimed that some of them changed their demeanor once their images were typecast according to how they were portrayed after editing.

One castmate in particular, however, caught Shake’s attention.

“Kyle’s thing where he’s like, ‘Shake, you screwed up. I should have proposed to Deepti,’ I was literally watching the Super Bowl with him and Deepti and Shayne one week before that. So to feel that like now the cameras are on, you’re gonna like say something like that?” Shake shared.

“Like, why didn’t you tell me the 50 times we hung out before?” he continued. “That meant… that was saved on purpose to be a dramatic statement, like kind of at my expense. Even though I didn’t really feel like hurt by it, like, it was kind of at my expense that the statement was made.”

Shake says Kyle Abrams went on Love is Blind for fame, not for love

When asked, “Who went on the show for fame and not for love?” Shake revealed, “I mean, I definitely feel probably at the very top of that list is Kyle. I mean, everybody did to some degree because it’s an exciting part of going on a show.”

“Nobody goes on it, like, blind to the fact that they’re gonna, you know… but, some people made it their whole personality, like their whole being,” he added. “And that person is Kyle, for sure.”

Shake, who recently debuted his new girlfriend on Instagram, added that he lost respect for Kyle and said he “applied for like 10 different shows” and was taking acting lessons, which to Shake meant his intentions were not to find love, but instead to find fame.

Love is Blind Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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