Several MAFS Season 13 stars gather for Sunday brunch

Johnny Lam and Myrla Feria sit
Myrla and Johnny grab brunch with friends they made on their season of Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13 produced zero strong lasting couples but it did produce several friendships. 

Recently, five of the ten MAFS Season 13 stars got together to enjoy Sunday brunch and shared videos from the outing. 

Myrla Feria finds new brunch partners 

Myrla was known to love brunch and even expressed a desire for ex-husband Gil Cuero to become her brunch partner. However, as the reunion revealed, the two abruptly called it quits after Decision Day, which devastated fans and led many viewers to become infuriated with Myrla’s cold behavior. 

Myrla may not have a husband to go to brunch with anymore, but she made several friends from the MAFS cast and they were able to meet up and have brunch together. 

Taking to her IG stories, Myrla shared videos of the brunch with MAFS cast and revealed each cast member that was joining them one-by-one. 

First, Myrla revealed that Brett was at the brunch. Then she showed that Rachel and Johnny were also in attendance. 

It’s not too surprising that these four got together as they’d all been outspoken about becoming great friends on the show and hanging out often. Myrla, Rachel, Johnny, and Brett even planned a Friendsgiving and formed a volleyball team together as well. 

The surprising guest that Myrla revealed at brunch was controversial MAFS costar, Michaela Clark. 

Michaela Clark was all smiles as she blew kisses to Myrla’s camera and it was interesting to see her hanging with this group, especially since there had been rumors that Michaela was not well-liked among the women from her season. According to the brunch video, it seems Michaela gets along with her castmates just fine. 

Myrla and MAFS cast
Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

Myrla’s dog is also present at brunch 

During Myrla and Gil’s brief marriage, Myrla was not happy when she learned Gil had an adorable dog named Hype because she didn’t like the idea of cleaning up after a messy dog. 

However, over time Myrla warmed up to Hype and did such a 180 on her stance with dogs that she even got a dog of her own during the MAFS Where Are They Now special. 

Myrla brought her dog to brunch and shared a video of the cute pet getting tangled up in a Louis Vuitton bag as she noted that the dog really must be her daughter with the designer purse straps tangled around her. 

According to these members of the MAFS Season 13 cast, they found more than friendship, they found a family with one another. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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