Serene Russell claps back at critics who say she shouldn’t model while teaching

Serene Russell
The Bachelor’s Serene Russell claps back at hate messages. Pic credit: ABC

Serene Russell did not hold back after commenters criticized her recent photoshoot as inappropriate for a teacher.

The Bachelor alum clapped back at the hate comments in her Instagram story, writing that the users are “too involved in women’s lives.”

The professional model had words for the critics who slammed her stunning photo session, going to bat for teachers and her right to have a personal life outside of school.

Serene Russell slammed hate comments for criticizing her two jobs

Beloved contestant Serene Russell posted several shots from her most recent photoshoot on her Instagram last night. The star shone as she hefted a disco ball on one shoulder and posed to show off her matching white outfit.

Serene showed her impressive physique in a low-cut, sheer white top and matching bottoms. Despite being flooded with support for the eye-catching photos, Serene was also criticized for posting the daring outfit while also working as a full-time elementary school teacher.

The Bachelor contestant reposted several of the comments to her story with her own message.

Serene Russell
Pic credit: @serenebrookrussell/Instagram

She started strong by detailing the mental, physical, and financial difficulty of working as a teacher.

“I am emotionally and mentally spent by the time I get home to the point that I can’t complete normal functioning human tasks,” Serene wrote. “I am happily risking my health and well-being everyday with a smile on my face to do what I do.”

However, she wasn’t done there as Serene continued to double down on saying that teachers are entitled to a life of their own outside of school. She revealed that she was a model before a teacher and challenged the commenters’ idea of modesty.

Serene Russell said the hate comments were ‘rooted in misogyny’

Serene’s third point focused on the irony of the haters following her.

“Y’all need to learn that you are a little too involved in women’s lives. The argument that people have a right to opinion on a teachers life OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL is rooted in misogyny,” Serene wrote. “Maybe if more people supported education and voted in favor of it I wouldn’t need a second job.”

Despite the criticism from these followers, Serene added that she has full support from her admins and thanked her supporters for their kind words.

Serene does not appear to have let the hate get to her, so fans will likely be treated to more content from the model soon.  

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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