Serene Russell and Jill Chin wow in cut-out gowns with French fries 

Serene Russell
Serene Russell and Jill Chin are gorgeous in paradise attire with a tasty treat. Pic credit: @serenebrookrussell/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise is known for bringing out Bachelor Nation stars and their best beachwear. 

However, along with rocking bikinis, the ladies of paradise also like to stun in dressier attire, including stylish gowns. 

Recently, Jill Chin and Serene Russell shared a photo in gowns they wore on the beach. 

Along with posing in the garments, the Bachelor in Paradise beauties incorporated French fries into the glamorous photos. 

Serene and Jill both received roses during the season’s first rose ceremony, so fans will see more of their fashionable looks as the season progresses. 

Unfortunately for three women, their journey ended in Tuesday night’s episode. 

Serene Russell and Jill Chin serve looks in gowns, say ‘fries before guys’ 

Serene took to Instagram to share her Bachelor in Paradise photo with her 60.1k followers. 

In the photo, Serene sat in a colorful floral chair and crossed her legs while tilting her face for a sultry smile. 

Her show-stopping dress was a glittering green and included a revealing chest and torso cutout. The dress also had a high slit, highlighting Serene’s toned and glossy legs. 

Rather than adorn her hands with rings, Serene placed French fries between her manicured fingers. 

Jill posed behind Serene as she stood and leaned her head back with her long dark hair hanging down. 

Jill’s ensemble was black with a plunging neckline and large torso and lower back cutouts. She also had fries between her fingers as she gave an angled smolder to the camera. 

The ocean and the night sky were visible in the image’s background. 

Serene captioned the post, “fries aren’t the only thing we’re serving.” 

Jill also shared the photo on her Instagram page, and her caption read, “Fries before guys.” 

Jill Chin accepts Romeo Alexander’s rose 

Jill’s time on Bachelor in Paradise started rocky and emotional as she dealt with the drama between her, Romeo Alexander, and Kira Mengistu. 

Before coming to paradise, Romeo had struck connections with Jill and Kira, so both were hoping to explore a relationship with him on the show. 

Romeo had trouble communicating with the ladies, and while he turned down Kira to pursue Jill, he also went behind Jill’s back to pursue The Bachelor Season 25 star Brittany Galvin as well. 

Kira, Jill, and Brittany called Romeo out, and it seemed no woman would accept his rose, which made Romeo break down in tears. 

However, Romeo chose to give a rose to Jill, and she did accept it, acknowledging that you never know what can happen in paradise. 

Later, Jill made it clear to Romeo that the ship had sailed on a romantic relationship between them, so time will tell where Jill and Romeo’s BIP journeys take them next. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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