Selling Tampa’s Sharelle Rosado shares first public photo of her and Chad Johnson’s baby girl

Selling Tampa star Sharelle Rosado shares her story.
Selling Tampa star Sharelle Rosado. Pic credit: Netflix

At the end of 2021, Netflix released Selling Tampa, a spinoff of their hit show Selling Sunset. The show follows a group of successful realtors selling luxury homes in Tampa, FL.

Real estate broker, Sharelle Rosado started Allure Realty and prides herself on being the leader of this all-female team that advocates for women empowerment and increasing wealth for women of color.

Sharelle opened up about many areas of her life on the show including being an Army veteran and a single mother. She also disclosed her relationship with Chad Johnson, the former NFL wide receiver who is often affectionately known as “Ochocinco.” Towards the end of the season, Sharelle discovered she was pregnant and shared the news with her team.

In her latest Instagram post this week, Sharelle shared three pictures of the couple’s newborn baby girl, whom they named Serenity Paula Johnson. Her caption stated that Serenity was born January 2, 2022.

Sharelle Rosado and Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson blend their families together

After finding out she was pregnant, Sharelle shared the news with her fiance and allowed the show to film their interaction. She then revealed that together, the couple will now have 11 children between them.

When she broke the news to her kids, they were excited. Her 13-year-old daughter, Arieana, said she found a pregnancy test in her mom’s drawer, so she already knew she was pregnant. Meanwhile, her 6-year-old son, Denim, said he was also happy but didn’t want the new baby sleeping in his room.

The news was well received by Chad as well, who expressed his excitement to grow their family. Sharelle did reveal her concerns about she and Chad not living in the same city. While she is in Tampa growing her business, Chad lives in Miami. This was also something her kids expressed worry over, as they were not excited about the idea of moving.

Selling Tampa makes a name for themselves

When the show made its debut on Netflix, it was met with mostly positive reviews. Many fans enjoyed seeing the beautiful homes in Tampa, which appeared as a hidden gem in the Florida real estate market. And seeing a team of all Black women was a great moment for representation.

As with any reality show, the ladies had their fair share of arguments and drama. One of the biggest storylines being veteran realtor, Rena Frazier, who spent a large portion of the show contemplating her future at Allure Realty.

Rena, who became unsatisfied with the commission pay structure, began having thoughts of opening her own brokerage. She even discussed the opportunity with a few top agents at Allure, suggesting they jump ship and join her on her new venture.

This, of course, became a problem for Sharelle, and the drama took off from there. As the season came to an end, fans were left with a cliffhanger and no word on Rena’s decision, or if Sharelle will stay in Tampa.

Selling Tampa is streaming now on Netflix.

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