Selling Sunset’s Emma Hernan stuns in a mirror selfie to show off her new black cat

Emma Hernan smiles in hoop earrings.
Emma Hernan smiles in sunglasses. Pic credit: @emmahernan/Instagram

One thing Emma Hernan is known for is her real estate skills in the business of selling luxury mansions and homes throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

Another thing she is known for is pulling off some of the most beautiful and stunning looks ever with her outfit choices.

Most of the real estate agents that work alongside Emma on Selling Sunset know how to dress their best whether they’re filming episodes of the show or not.

Although Emma was a late addition to the cast, she fits right in with her beautiful co-stars since she is an incredibly fashionable woman.

On top of being super trendy, Emma also has an incredible physique that looks phenomenal in bikinis, revealing outfits, and form-fitting dresses.

Her latest mirror selfie is worth viewing since she shows off her toned figure while wearing a swimsuit that leaves little to the imagination.

Emma Hernan looks fabulous in a red bikini

Emma posed for a sideways view of her body in a mirror selfie wearing a bright red bikini. The top of the bikini was tied together in the back with strings into a bow. The bottoms of the bikini had thin high-waisted straps attached to them.

Emma‘s face was blocked by her iPhone as she snapped the shot, but her gorgeous blonde hair was still visible. She wore it parted to the side in long, smooth waves.

Emma Hernan shows off her red bikini.
Emma Hernan poses for a mirror selfie. Pic credit: @emmahernan/Instagram

Emma’s black cat was lurking near her as she took the picture. She added a text block that said, “Happy Halloween from me and the newest addition to the family, just in time for his big day!” She was sure to add a black cat emoji, a jack-o’-lantern emoji, and a spooky ghost emoji.

Emma was barefoot in the picture, but pairs of shoes and other pieces of clothing from her fashionable closet were lined up behind her. Thanks to her pose, her flat stomach, lean legs, and slim arms were easy to see.

Emma Hernan shouted out Piaget and Grazia in all black

Emma posed for a series of attractive pictures standing in front of a black limousine wearing an all-black outfit that had her looking absolutely divine.

In her caption, she shouted out a company called Piaget. The luxury company sells watches and jewelry that are made with the most upscale and high-end gems and jewels.

Emma also shouted out Grazia, a popular print magazine that has tons of readers both locally and internationally. Emma looked elegant in the pictures wearing a black dress with a plunging neckline with no sleeves.

It had two slits at the bottom to reveal both of her legs. On her feet, she wore strappy black heels and she held onto a black clutch. Emma decked herself out with fabulous earrings and a necklace.

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