Selling Sunset’s Emma Hernan clarifies Raya timeline after Ben Affleck denied hitting her up

Emma Hernan
Emma Hernan clarifies what happened when Ben Affleck messaged her from the celebrity dating app, Raya. Pic credit: Netflix

Now that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are officially engaged for the second time, rumors have spread about Ben’s possible infidelity.

During Season 5 of Selling Sunset, Emma Hernan revealed that Ben was possibly texting her and asking her to grab coffee “a few times.” Emma said that she never took Ben up on his offer, but the rumors began circulating immediately.

After Ben’s rep released a statement verifying that the actor hasn’t used the celebrity dating app in years, Emma explained the situation in-depth to clarify the details and smooth things over.

Emma Hernan says Ben Affleck texted her in 2019

On E!’s Daily Pop segment, Emma clarified the timeline of events that weren’t clear during the Selling Sunset segment.

She said, “It was not recent. This was 2019. Literally the smallest, innocent little thing, and it was taken, blew up, out of proportion. So that was a thing.”

She added that on the show, fans “didn’t see the time frame” which made the situation “seem worse, and it was literally the smallest thing.”

She expressed that it would be stupid to think that Ben had reached out to her recently based on his engagement to JLo. Now that Bennifer is together again, the claims that he’s using a celebrity dating app are unrealistic.

Emma added, “End of story. We’re shutting that one down now.”

Although Emma made it clear that Ben Affleck hasn’t been messaging her since he rekindled his romance with JLo, Selling Sunset fans wonder if she’s dating one of her costars.

Is Emma Hernan dating Selling Sunset costar Micah McDonald?

Fans watched Emma and Micah bond throughout Season 5 as the two discovered things they have in common and developed a romance throughout the season.

Although sparks seemed to fly between the two, Emma concluded, “He’s good-looking, successful, I mean, we could go on all day. It’s the perfect little recipe for a f**k boy.”

Emma confirmed to TODAY that she’s single right now, but she is dating and open to a serious relationship. The revealed that she and Micah still talk and “have a great relationship,” but was tightlipped over any specifics.

For fans of Emma and Micah, the news is disappointing since the two seemed to hit it off really well. Fortunately, fans can remain hopeful as the two could have a romantic reunion in the future. As Emma said, it’s “TBD.”

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