Selling Sunset: Maya Vander suffers miscarriage months after losing her third baby to stillbirth

Selling Sunset's Maya Vander shares the sad news of her miscarriage.
Maya Vander reveals she has sadly suffered a miscarriage. Pic credit: Netflix

Selling Sunset star, Maya Vander recently shared some devastating news about her pregnancy.

Maya has sadly suffered a miscarriage; the loss comes just months after she experienced a stillbirth with her third child.

She shared the news with her followers on social media. The post detailed her feelings about the tragedy, while also offering a bit of life advice.

Maya says her family brings her ‘joy and happiness’

In an Instagram story, Maya revealed the heartbreaking news of her miscarriage to her followers. Using a picture of her 3-year-old son Aiden, Maya gave an update on how she’s doing.

She wrote, “I had a very crazy week. Miscarriage after 10 weeks..following my stillbirth..but my kids and my husband are absolutely my blessing, and I am so lucky to be their mother!! They bring joy and happiness to my life!!”

Maya went on to say, “Hug and love the people you care about. Don’t take things for granted.”

Selling Sunset star Maya Vander shares the news of her miscarriage.
Maya shares the tragic news of her miscarriage. Pic credit: @themayavander/Instagram

In addition to Aiden, Maya and husband Dave are parents to daughter Elle, who is 2. Last year, Maya announced she was pregnant with her third child. In December 2021, at 38 weeks pregnant, she sadly had a stillbirth.

Maya was very transparent about the loss of her baby. She told her followers, “What was a regular weekly checkup turned into a nightmare that I never imagine will happen to me.” She added, “I do not wish this on anyone.” The baby was a boy she named Mason.

Maya just wants to be with her family

About the same time Maya shared the news of her miscarriage, she also revealed that she would not be returning for Season 6 of Selling Sunset.

For years, she has been splitting her time between Los Angeles, where the show is filmed, and Miami, where her husband and children are. After experiencing back-to-back tragedies, Maya has realized that she wants to spend less time flying and more time with her family.

She decided not to renew her contract, removed herself from The Oppenheim Group, and has started her own company, The Maya Vander Group, based in Miami. Maya hopes to expand her business there while enjoying being home with her family full-time.

After departing from The Oppenheim Group, Maya has shared that she will now be part of Compass. The brokerage focuses on luxury real estate in Florida and will be working with her company to help achieve all her business goals.

Selling Sunset is streaming on Netflix.

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