Selling Sunset: Maya Vander awaiting an autopsy to find out why her baby boy died

Selling Sunset star Maya Vander had funeral for her baby boy as she awaits autopsy.
Maya Vander is awaiting autopsy results following stillbirth. Pic credit: Netflix

Selling Sunset star Maya Vander recently revealed that she had suffered a stillbirth and now she’s awaiting an autopsy to find out what caused her baby boy’s death. The news came as quite a shock to the mom-of-two who went in for a regular checkup only to find out that she had lost her child.

Maya and her husband David Miller are already parents to one-year-old daughter Elle and two-year-old son Aiden. The reality TV personality was 38 weeks pregnant when she lost what would have been their third child.

Maya shared the heartbreaking news on social media a few days ago and she opened up about her baby’s death in a recent interview.

Maya Vander awaiting autopsy for her baby boy

The Selling Sunset star is grieving the loss of her baby boy and she has a lot of questions regarding what caused his death.

During a recent interview with E! News Maya admitted that she was confused after getting the shocking news that her baby had died.

“We didn’t know what to do first. I’m like, I don’t even want to see the baby and get attached but then I’m like, you know what? It is my baby. It is my son,” confessed Maya.

Maya and her husband David still don’t have the answers about what caused the death of their son and it’s going to take some time before they get those answers.

“We don’t know what happened. We sent the body to an autopsy and hopefully, we will have some answers, said the Netflix star. “That can take 30 to 45 days, unfortunately.”

“I was so ready for a third kid. And it’s just not fair to him. I just don’t know what happened, so that’s the closure that I still don’t have,” she added.

Maya Vander and her family had a funeral for their baby boy

The Selling Sunset star revealed that while the family waits for word about the official cause of death, they planned to pay their respects to their baby boy in the right way.

“We decided to do a burial to give him the respect that he deserves and a place for us to go and grieve,” revealed Maya. “It’s a very tough process to look at your baby basically dead. I don’t wish it on anyone.”

At the time of the interview, Maya and her family had planned a funeral for the following day.

“We went yesterday to the funeral home… We wanted to see him again to say goodbye,” said Maya.

“It’s very hard mentally to do it but we did it, me and my husband. And tomorrow we’ll do the burial. I’m sure it’s going to be a very tough day for us.” she added.

Selling Sunset is currently streaming on Netflix.

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