Selling Sunset: Christine Quinn throws shade at the show, says it will ‘bomb’ without her

Close-up of Christine Quinn.
Christine Quinn thinks Selling Sunset won’t do well in the upcoming season. Pic credit: @thechristinequinn/Instagram

Christine Quinn has moved on from Selling Sunset, and she believes that the show will suffer without her.

Christine’s place on the show was up in the air following Season 5 of the hit Netflix series. The reality TV diva left The Oppenheim Group and became her own boss when she launched

According to the company website, “RealOpen is the easiest and most efficient way for crypto holders to purchase luxury real estate.”

After spending over a year building the company from the ground up with her husband, Christian Dumontet, the realtor was ready to approach the real estate industry from a new angle.

But she maintained that she was still interested in appearing on the show.

Fans rejoiced and were curious to see how Selling Sunset would incorporate Christine into Season 6 since she would no longer work in the office.

That is, until news broke that, despite previous reports, Christine was officially exiting the show.

Though her nemesis Chrishell Stause may have rejoiced, many wondered how the show would survive without its villain. And apparently, Christine is not so confident that it will.

Christine Quinn thinks Season 6 of Selling Sunset ‘just doesn’t work’

Christine got very candid speaking to E! News about how she thinks the series will do without her.

The realtor shared that she thinks Netflix has lost what originally made the show great.

Christine stated, “I think that people tune in to see the original characters that were a part of the show, and that was the five girls from Season 1. Throughout the seasons, they started adding and adding and adding, and by that, it dilutes the recipe. Now they have the sauce, but the recipe is not the same, you know?”

She’s not wrong. Christine and Maya Vander, two OG realtors, will not return for Season 6.

Heading into the next season, only three of the five original women remain on the show. Meanwhile, Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi have been added to the cast.

She then clarified, “It’s just my opinion. It’s like you watched the Sex and the City remake and you’re like, ‘Where the f**k is Samantha?’ It just doesn’t work.”

Selling Sunset scrambles to fill the role of villain

Chelsea, who was added in Season 5 and is still friends with Christine, has been rumored to step into the villain role.

This makes sense, given that the two were very close, and Chelsea always seemed to have Christine’s back.

However, Chelsea maintained a friendly relationship with all the women on the show despite her alliance with Christine.

Some fans believe that Chrishell is on her way to being the most unlikable member of the show. But viewers will need to wait until the show returns to decide.

Seasons 1-5 of Selling Sunset are currently streaming on Netflix.

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