Selling Sunset cast takes lie detector test during Season 7 reunion — Here’s how it went

Selling Sunset cast members Chrishell Stause and Bre Tiesi
Chrishell Stause and Bre Tiesi were at the Selling Sunset Season 7 reunion. Pic credit: Netflix

The Selling Sunset Season 7 reunion was just released, and let’s just say things got heated on the stage.

It’s not just because the outspoken agents at the Oppenheim group were going at it as usual — this time, they brought in reinforcement.

By “they,” we don’t mean the cast because they were just as shocked as we were to see a lie detector test being wheeled onto the stage.

Many secrets were revealed when one by one, they sat in the hot seat and were strapped up to the lie detector.

The questions asked by host Tan France were all sent in by viewers who watched the season and wanted answers.

Chrishell Stause, Amanza Smith, Mary Fitzgerald and her husband Romain Bonnet, Chelsea Lazkani, Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Nicole Young, Emma Hernan, and Bre Tiesi were all glammed up and ready to discuss the dramatic season.

The Selling Sunset cast was hooked up to a lie detector at the Season 7 reunion

The Season 7 reunion might be the most memorable one yet. After all, it’s not every day we see reality TV cast members hooked up to lie detectors.

We’ll kick things off with Chrishell Stause because, let’s be honest, she’s the star of the show.

Her once-close friendship with Amanza Smith took a downward spiral this season, and we saw them make amends in the finale. However, the reunion proved that all was not well between the two.

While hooked up to the lie detector, Chrishell was asked if she trusted Amanza after what went down between them, and the 42-year-old admitted she no longer trusts her friend.

Chrisell’s name was also mentioned when Jason sat in the hot seat and was asked if he was still in love with her.

The Oppenheim Group boss said, “No!” but the test results said he was lying.

Bre Tiesi says actor Michael B. Jordan was not good in bed

We assumed the questions for Bre Tiesi would be about her baby daddy, Nick Cannon, and his slew of women, but we were wrong.

Instead, viewers wanted all the tea about Bre’s romp with Michael B. Jordan, whom she had fessed up to sleeping with earlier in the season.

The question was if the Creed actor was good in bed, but the Selling Sunset star disappointed a lot of women when she admitted that he was not.

“I’m gonna be in so much trouble,” said Bre before answering, “No,” and the lie detecter test determined she was telling the truth.

Selling Sunset Seasons 1-7 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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