Seeking Sister Wife viewers bash Sidian Jones’ proposal to Arielle

Sidian Jones of Seeking Sister Wife
Seeking Sister Wife viewers had plenty of negative things to say about Sidian’s proposal to Arielle. Pic credit: TLC

Sidian Jones proposed to his second potential sister wife, Arielle, and Seeking Sister Wife viewers had plenty of negative feedback.

This season on Seeking Sister Wife, polygamist couple Sidian and Tosha Jones rejoined the cast along with another returning couple, Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield.

Along with the Joneses and the Merrifields, plural couples the Foleys, the Davises, and the Epps joined the cast, also looking to add another wife to their marriages.

After a potential sister wife fell through last season, Sidian and Tosha continued their search and began dating a beauty pageant winner from the Philippines named Arielle. Tosha and Arielle worked together and became friends before entertaining the idea of adding her to the plural marriage as a sister wife.

After talking online for months, Sidian finally took the leap and flew to the Philippines to meet Arielle in person. The two hit it off rather quickly, and by Sidian’s fourth day overseas, he was ready to propose marriage to Arielle.

During his last day visiting Arielle, Sidian set up a beachfront display with a torch-lighted path. When they got to the water, Sidian asked Arielle if she loved him, she said she did, and then he got down on one knee and popped the question. Arielle accepted Sidian’s proposal, telling him, “Of course!”

Sidian Jones proposes to Arielle after four days together

TLC shared a clip of the scene on their official Instagram, which they captioned, “O-M-G, Sidian’s proposing to Arielle! ??”

Seeking Sister Wife viewers took to the comments where many of them expressed their disapproval of polygamy and also called out Sidian for one glaring mistake during his proposal – he put the engagement ring on Arielle’s right-hand ring finger.

Seeking Sister Wife viewers bash Sidian’s proposal

“Did anyone notice when he put the ring on her right hand?” one viewer asked.

Another critic pointed out, “Wrong finger/hand buddy ? try again! And she wanted a speech ?‍♀️ he should have said more.”

seeking sister wife viewers comment on TLC's IG video of sidian proposing to arielle
Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

Another Seeking Sister Wife viewer tried to warn Sidian and Arielle: “? Train ? wreck ahead! Good luck ?”

Along with some other disparaging comments, there was one comment in support of Sidian’s proposal, and it came from one of his Season 4 castmates, Marcus Epps, who wrote, “Definitely tonight’s biggest moment! Congratulations, Sir! ❤️???”

Polygamy is not very common, accounting for only 2% of relationships worldwide. Many Seeking Sister Wife viewers find the lifestyle “disturbing,” as one commenter put it. But for Sidian and Tosha and the rest of the Seeking Sister Wife cast, it’s the lifestyle they’ve chosen.

As Tosha put it, “To me, polygamy means a big, beautiful family and just kind of a happy, bustling home.”

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 10/9c on TLC.

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