Seeking Sister Wife star Garrick Merrifield hints at having five wives in recent photo

Garrick Merrifield IG selfie January 2022
Garrick snaps a selfie in 2021. Pic credit: @garrickmerrifield/Instagram

It looks like Garrick Merrifield of Seeking Sister Wife is well on his way to accumulating a bevy of wives.

Fans of reality TV, specifically focused on polygamous relationships, will likely remember Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield.

Garrick felt he was called to polygamy by God and eventually was able to convince Dannielle to play along.

The couple was married for over a decade before they pulled a move similar to Kody and Meri Brown. Dannielle and Garrick got legally divorced so they could welcome another woman, Roberta Pache, into their marriage.

Things didn’t work out with Brazilian-born Roberta in the long run, and viewers watched as Garrick courted another woman, Lea Newton. However, Seeking Sister Wife fans were left wondering whether Lea stuck it out with the Merrifields or not.

Seeking Sister Wife viewers were also left wondering about the future of the Merrifields’ plural union altogether, but now Garrick has offered some insight.

Seeking Sister Wife star Garrick Merrifield implies he currently has five wives

Over the weekend, Garrick shared a photo in his Instagram Story that seemed to imply that he currently has five — yes, you read that correctly, five — wives.

In the photo, Garrick posed for a snap in the parking lot of a grocery store. As he opened the door of his car, an anonymous person (likely one of his many spouses) snapped his pic.

Garrick was sporting a new salt-and-pepper hair color, black-framed glasses, and facial hair in the photo. The 39-year-old father of two wore a shirt emblazoned with the name Merrifield Custom Builders & Landscaping, his home improvement company, and dark khaki pants.

Garrick merrifield shares a photo with a Bible verse in his Instagram story
Garrick implied that he currently has five wives. Pic credit: @garrickmerrifield/Instagram

The polygamist TLC star held a bouquet of flowers in one hand as she stopped to smile slightly for the snap. He included the Bible verse John 3:16 as well as a hashtag that read #FEAROFGOD.

At the bottom of the image, which was set to the song I Surrender by Matt Crocker of Hillsong Worship, Garrick tagged his wife, Dannielle, and wrote, “Got some flowers for one of my queens,” adding a slew of five different queen emojis of varying skin tones along with a red heart.

Judging by Garrick’s caption, he’s currently juggling five brides, including Dannielle, who has stuck around while he searches for more wives to add to their unique union.

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield have kept their plural marriage out of the spotlight in recent months

If Garrick does, in fact, have four more wives, he hasn’t made any mention of them on social media, nor has Dannielle. Perhaps that’s because Garrick and Dannielle will be returning for a future season of Seeking Sister Wife, or maybe they’re just choosing to keep their marriage situation under wraps.

Although it’s unclear whether Lea is still a part of their plural relationship, both Garrick and Dannielle follow Lea on Instagram. Lea’s account is private, so there’s no way to tell whether she follows them back.

Additionally, Garrick has scrubbed all photos of himself and Roberta from his Instagram feed, which seems to solidify that their breakup was genuine. As Seeking Sister Wife viewers may remember, Roberta ended things with the Merrifields via a text.

Some Seeking Sister Wife fans felt Roberta’s romance with Garrick was all for show, while others felt she simply came to her senses and bolted once she figured out what polygamy would truly entail.

In the meantime, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any signs of Garrick’s alleged additional wives.

Seeking Sister Wife is currently on hiatus.

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