Seeking Sister Wife spoiler: Jennifer Davis pregnant, expecting first child with Nick Davis

Seeking Sister Wife couple Jennifer and Nick Davis
Nick and Jennifer are expecting their first child together. Pic credit:

Seeking Sister Wife stars Jennifer and Nick Davis are expecting their first child together.

Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife introduced viewers to the Davis family, which consists of polygamists Nick, 38, April, 36, and Jennifer, 24.

The trio joined two other new polygamist families, the Foleys and the Epps, who are also looking to add another sister wife to their relationships, as well as two returning couples, Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield and Tosha and Sidian Jones.

The Davis family will make their important announcement during the upcoming episode of Seeking Sister Wife, airing on Monday, August 8.

There have been rumors swirling that Jennifer was expecting — as viewers noticed she often disguises her midsection during the show — and now Seeking Sister Wife viewers can put those rumors to rest, because the news is legit.

During a confessional on the couch, including Nick and his two wives Jennifer and April, the Davises revealed that Jennifer is pregnant with her and Nick’s baby girl.

Seeking Sister Wife: Jennifer Davis expecting first child with Nick Davis

“We have something to tell you,” Jennifer announced with excitement in her voice. “We’re pregnant!”

Nick added of his second wife as he rubbed her baby bump, “Jennifer’s expecting. We got a bun in the oven here.”

“This is my first biological child,” Nick told the cameras of becoming a first-time father. “I’m hoping to be someone she could be proud of and someone that will guide her in the best way possible.”

Nick’s first wife, April, shared in their joy and confessed, “So we are having a girl. I’m excited to be a mom to a little baby again.”

April and Nick don’t share any biological children, but Nick has stepped into the step-dad role for his first wife April’s teenage son, William. Although Nick and Jennifer’s child won’t be April’s biological daughter, she’s excited to treat her as her own.

“I’m very excited to be able to do this with you guys. It’s just like me having a baby right now too,” April shared, as she got teary-eyed.

Jennifer echoed April’s sentiment, adding, “We wouldn’t want it any other way.”

How will potential sister wife Danielle adjust to adding a baby to the relationship?

This season on Seeking Sister Wife, the Davises are currently courting a potential third sister wife, Danielle. They were sure to tell Danielle the happy news as soon as possible because “it’s going to be a huge step” for her, as Jennifer shared.

Jennifer expressed that she, April, and Nick want Danielle to be just as much a part of the pregnancy and motherhood as her and April will be. Nick, however, expressed his apprehension about Danielle adjusting to the big change, especially because she’s so new to the relationship.

“I’m not sure where she’s at in her life right now, if she’s ready to make those sorts of changes and adjustments that are kind of gonna be forced upon her,” Nick shared.

For her part, however, Danielle said she’s excited to share in the experience with Jennifer, April, and Nick: “There’s gonna be so much love and support for one child. And to be able to do that with you guys is really special.”

Seeking Sister Wife airs Mondays at 10/9c on TLC.

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