Seeking Sister Wife finale spoiler: Babies, weddings, breakups, and new potential sister wives

Seeking Sister Wife stars Dannielle Merrifield and Marcus Epps
The Season 4 finale of Seeking Sister Wife brought news of babies, weddings, breakups, and new sister wives. Pic credit: @wifey_merrifield and @sisme_andhe/Instagram

The Season 4 finale of Seeking Sister Wife revealed some polygamous couples welcoming babies, others getting married, some dating a new sister wife, and even a breakup.

Note that this article contains spoilers from the Monday, September 5 episode, including relationship statuses.

This season on Seeking Sister Wife, viewers continued to follow the story of Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield and Sidian and Tosha Jones while welcoming newbie couples, the Epps, the Foleys, and the Davises.

Dannielle and Garrick have been courting Brazilian native Roberta for three years. After hesitation on her part and shoddy communication, the Merrifields finally flew down to Brazil to meet with Roberta in person. However, Roberta didn’t like the idea that Garrick shared a kiss with his and Dannielle’s now-former potential sister wife, Lea.

In the finale episode, Seeking Sister Wife viewers will learn that their suspicions were correct — Roberta has decided not to come to America with the Merrifields, despite booking a plane ticket during their visit to Brazil. Dannielle was visibly distraught as she self-filmed herself sobbing while reporting that Roberta broke up with her and Garrick via text message.

Also, during the finale episode, the Davis family held their wedding ceremony, adding Danielle to their relationship. Although their union was unconventional, Nick, April, and Jennifer were pleased to add Danielle to their polygamous relationship, and they found the support of many of their friends and family members.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Nick and his second wife Jennifer were expecting their first child together. Jennifer has since welcomed her and Nick’s daughter, named Vera, on June 29, 2022. Nick and his three wives also bought a larger house and ordered a custom-sized mattress to accommodate their growing family, and are looking to add a fourth wife to their plural relationship.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 finale episode shares breakups, babies, and weddings

Although the Epps, the Foleys, and the Joneses weren’t featured in the season’s final episode, TLC provided updates on all of the couples at the end, including the Merrifields and the Davises.

What’s new for the Foleys, Epps, and Joneses?

Brenda and Steve Foley have since moved into their new home that’s been under construction but have not yet asked April to join them. However, they are dating a new potential sister wife, who just so happens to be Steve’s prom date from high school.

Marcus, Taryn, and India are still dating potential sister wives Bina and Janae and are also actively dating other women. Marcus and his second wife, India, plan to wed this November.

Sidian and Tosha visited their potential sister wife, Arielle, along with their kids, in her native country of The Philippines. It looks like Arielle was the right fit for their family as they’ve begun the K-1 visa process to bring her to the U.S.

As for Dannielle and Garrick, despite getting their hearts broken that Roberta wasn’t leaving Brazil to join them in America – even after they custom-built a home to accommodate her and future sister wives – they are currently dating another potential sister wife who, interestingly, like Roberta, also happens to hail from Brazil. They plan to meet their potential sister wife later this year during a visit to Mexico.

The Season 4 finale of Seeking Sister Wife airs tonight, Monday, September 5, at 10/9c on TLC.

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1 year ago

The Davis family is nothing but a joke. Nothing but a man wanting the women to work so he can sit home on his butt and do nothing. This is so outrageous it can’t even be put into words and Danielle is so young and naive she doesn’t realize how she’s being played. I hope somewhere somebody can talk some sense into these three women and they kick him out and let him make his own way in the world to support himself the women. I have absolutely no respect for this man at all he’s nothing but a user and a player. Women get a brain and get smart dump this loser.