Scott Disick gushes over Pete Davidson on The Kardashians

Scott Disick
Scott Disick appears to have a growing bromance with Pete Davidson. Pic credit: ©

Scott Disick may not have expressed his joy regarding his ex-girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, and her new romance with Travis Barker, but there’s one new couple in the family that Scott loves to see.

While meeting up with Khloe to discuss how she was doing after the news of Tristan Thompson’s paternity scandal broke, the Flip It Like Disick star dished about Kim’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

This was one of the first times Scott was present in Season 1, where he wasn’t feeling left out from the family, and it left viewers feeling a bit better about The Lord.

Scott Disick confirms bromance with Pete Davidson

While Penelope and Reign played in the backyard, Scott told Khloe how he felt about Pete and had nothing but good things to say.

Scott said that Pete was “a great guy” and “so sweet.” He added, “[Pete] picked us up from the airport the other day. Like, had the coffee she wanted, had a coffee for me. I didn’t want to tell him it was the completely wrong one.”

Okay, so maybe Pete doesn’t get everything right. But regardless, Scott said, “He’s just a great person. And like, you can tell he cares about people’s feelings.”

Khloe expressed her surprise at Scott and Pete being friends, asking, “Are you and Pete besties?”

Scott confirmed that they’re friends, joking, “Mhmm. Bunk beds, the whole thing. We have the best time together.”

Scott also teased Kim, noting that it’s “really cute” when Pete makes her laugh, and she says “young slang words” when she’s around the comedian. Despite her differences in behavior around Pete, Scott said, he’s “happy that [Kim] has someone that’s nice to her and caters to her.”

Fortunately for Pete, Scott isn’t the only person who thinks he’s an all-around sweet guy.

Khloe Kardashian says Pete is ‘so sweet’

Khloe has gushed about Pete before, dishing that Kim really is in love with Pete and that Pete is a great guy for Kim to be with. Kim has spent her fair share of time gushing about the comedian as well, as he gives her a slice of everyday, non-celebrity life when they’re together in Staten Island. 

After talking to Scott, Khloe said in a confessional, “Pete is so sweet. I don’t know him really well, but from what I do know, it’s really drama-free and really easy, and I think that’s something that’s the end goal. Everyone wants that fairytale and that happily ever after. I think that’s the hope. Love shouldn’t be this hard.”

Unfortunately, love has been hard for Khloe, but the Good American founder is still holding on to hope for her true love.

The Kardashians is streaming on Hulu.

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