Scheana Shay says Brittany Cartwright’s apology to Stassi Schroeder didn’t go as planned

VPR star Scheana Shay.
Scheana Shay weighs in on the ongoing drama between former Vanderpump Rules co-stars Brittany Cartwright and Stassi Schroeder. Pic credit: ©

Scheana Shay weighed in on her former Vanderpump Rules co-star Brittany Cartwright’s ongoing feud with friend Stassi Schroeder.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Brittany and Stassi’s feud began when Brittany bailed on Stassi’s Italy wedding to husband Beau Clark at the very last minute. Stassi was the first to call out the drama during an episode of her podcast, but opted not to name names.

However, it didn’t take long for Brittany to confirm the drama was about her and Taylor’s absence from the wedding. And according to Brittany, there were numerous reasons why she couldn’t make the overseas flight, including that their 1-year-old son Cruz’s passport hadn’t arrived in time.

Despite her reasoning, the damage was done, and during an appearance on Scheana’s podcast, Brittany confirmed she was no longer on speaking terms with Stassi, though she claimed to have reached out to her former co-star more than once.

As the two moms discussed the ongoing drama, Brittany also confessed that the situation was blown out of proportion after Jax “rage texted” a mutual friend who ended up sharing the messages with Stassi and Beau.

During a recent chat with E! News, Scheana gave an update on the rift between her former co-stars and admitted that while she tried to help Brittany craft an apology to Stassi, it wasn’t as well received as they’d hoped.

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay tries to help Brittany Cartwright end feud with Stassi Schroeder

While speaking to the outlet, Scheana admitted she had hoped to end her friends’ ongoing feud by featuring Brittany in the episode and giving her an opportunity to plead her case and explain her side of the story.

However, it seems the idea didn’t play out the way they were hoping.

“Brittany and I had a whole different vision,” Scheana shared.

She elaborated that she and Brittany believed if, given the opportunity, Stassi would understand Brittany’s true intentions — which was never to hurt Stassi and Beau.

“[We thought] ‘Maybe when Stassi hears this, she’ll realize that you were trying so hard to get there and you did everything in your power,'” she continued. “And it just totally backfired on us. And it was not what we were expecting whatsoever. We were actually thinking, ‘You know when Stassi hears this, she’s gonna understand more of Brittany’s side.’ But that didn’t happen.”

However, Scheana is still holding out hope that the two will reconcile and rebuild the trust within their friendship.

“I have hope for everyone, so yes, of course,” she concluded.

Brittany Cartwright previously admitted to being ‘upset’ with Jax Taylor over his rage texts

During her appearance on Scheana’s Scheananigans podcast, Brittany didn’t mince words and openly admitted the entire situation wasn’t handled well.

After finding out about Jax sending the “rage texts,” Brittany scolded him and said she immediately reached out to Stassi to apologize.

“Whenever I found out about it, I was very upset with him,” Brittany told Scheana at the time. “I apologized like, ‘I’m so sorry. We’re still planning on coming.'”

“I feel terrible and still feel terrible and I do love them. I think about it all the time. I’ve reached out since the wedding,” she continued. “I haven’t gotten any response just yet. I’ll try again in a couple weeks or something. I just like to make things right.”

Time will tell if Brittany and Stassi will be able to put this behind them.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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