Saved By The Barn exclusive: Buttercup the cow is so afraid, can Dan’s dad help her get over her fear?

Buttercup the cow is quarantining as she is so afraid of everyone, she needs some time to know she is safe. Pic credit: Animal Planet

Saved By The Barn is Animal Planet’s amazing antidote to the hot mess that is Netflix’s Tiger King. You and the family will love the story of Dan McKernan, who went back in time, saving his dad and the longstanding family farm and in the process, reinvented himself.

Tonight on the series, a cow named Buttercup will own you as she is in quarantine. Apparently, in the course of her rescue, Buttercup has become something of a behavior challenge for Team Barn Sanctuary.

In our absolutely adorable clip above, we see Tom, Dan’s dad, try to approach a fearful Buttercup, who is afraid of people and other cows. The poor thing must have really had a hard life before she found her way to the Barn Sanctuary.

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Tom tries to offer her a fresh carrot and you can see she wants it but she is so afraid, and she does a bit of a dance around Tom to make sure he is not going to hurt her.

So many animals are mistreated and undoing that damage is the goal of Tom, his son Dan and the Barn Sanctuary team.

They do great work and we hope you can support them by watching this series and maybe donating too.

The moo mama Buttercup came to Barn Sanctuary, but the team is concerned about her feisty behavior towards the rest of the herd.

What happens on Saved By The Barn?

Buttercup on Saved By The Barn
Buttercup the cow is quarantining as she is so afraid of everyone, she needs some time to know she is safe. Pic credit: Animal Planet

Buttercup is a rowdy bovine and is disrupting the herd mentality, so much so that she needs a bit of a time out in quarantine.

Also, the story of the amazing Ginger the lamb continues as she battles a life-threatening infection, and Bart the “jerk” rooster is in need of a vet visit. Good luck with that one!

Who is Barn Sanctuary’s Dan McKernan?

In a nutshell, he’s a Cali boy who grew up on the Los Angeles and Ventura county line, who has a twin brother Chris who helps him now in the family’s farm.

Dan McKernan was a Southern California boy whose Michigan family roots called him home. His dad needed some help with the 140-year old family farm that was beginning to be beyond his ability to maintain.

When Dan realized his dad was a bit over his head and needed help, Dan left his six-figure job in Austin’s booming tech industry and stripped down what he really wanted to do in life, and live a life with a real purpose.

That purpose was rescuing abused and neglected farm animals, the ones that farmers and breeders didn’t want. The misshapen, deformed “useless” livestock, or too old, or just plain burdensome that typically would have been euthanized or abused over time.

Saved By The Barn airs Saturdays at 10/9c on Animal Planet.

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