Savannah Chrisley shares update about Julie Chrisley, ‘she sticks to herself’

Savannah and Julie Chrisley selfie.
Savannah Chrisley gave an update on her mom, Julie Chrisley. Pic credit: @juliechrisley/Instagram

Savannah Chrisley gave an update about how her mom, Julie Chrisley, is handling things while in prison.

The Chrisley Knows Best mom began her seven-year sentence in January, so she’s been there roughly four months. Her husband, and Savannah’s father, Todd Chrisley, is serving 12 years in prison.

While the couple is working on an appeal, Savannah is raising her teenage brother, Grayson, and her niece/adopted sister, Chloe. She took on the responsibility of guardianship last fall before the Chrisleys were sentenced, thinking they may be taken straight to prison upon learning their fate.

On the most recent episode of her podcast, Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley, the Growing Up Chrisley star talked about her mom’s experience at the Kentucky federal prison she was assigned to when sentenced. It is a medical prison, which makes sense since Julie is a breast cancer survivor and is rumored to have other ailments.

Things haven’t been easy for Julie as she tries to adapt to what the next several years will be like, but it seems she is keeping a detailed account of her days.

Some are filled with more activities than she can count, and others drag on.

Savannah Chrisley reveals how Julie Chrisley is doing in prison

While talking to her friend on the most recent episode of Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley, the reality TV star revealed her mom, Julie Chrisley, tries to stay as busy as she can. She sticks to herself and writes a daily account of how her time is spent. Savannah receives them in the mail and will likely share them at some point.

She said, “I don’t think there’s a single letter that goes by that she does not say how much she misses my dad. They don’t get to talk.”

It’s a stark change from living with your husband for nearly three decades and seeing and speaking to them daily. Todd is serving his time in Florida, quite a ways from Kentucky.

Savannah also mentioned that she believes Julie may leave things out because she is trying to protect her and her siblings.

Why is Julie Chrisley in prison?

Todd and Julie Chrisley were convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion in June 2022. The couple had taken it to trial, and they lost.

The couple learned their fate in November 2022, just before Thanksgiving. Todd was given 12 years and Julie seven. They were given time to spend at home with their family through the holidays and reported to prison in mid-January.

Julie asked to remain home with her children on house arrest to serve her sentence. The judge denied that plea, and now, Savannah Chrisley is raising her siblings while her parents remain behind bars.

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Jackie Wilson
Jackie Wilson
1 year ago

It’s not because their distance between prisons is so far that they don’t get to talk. That was a pretty stupid statement. Prisoners are not allowed to communicate between facilities! Try some research ?

1 year ago
Reply to  Jackie Wilson

It did not say that was the reason. It just says she doesn’t get to talk to him and they are quite a ways away.

Cathi lawlor
Cathi lawlor
1 year ago

I think they got to much of a sentence. People in this world do a lot worst things and don’t get treated like that. Hopefully they get to appeal it and get time saved and probation. Why does there whole family need to suffer. Babies raising babies how does that make any sense?

1 year ago
Reply to  Cathi lawlor

I completely agree!! Just take a look at the MANY examples our government, (including presidents), is setting for our society today. They have no problem doling out rules but refuse to follow those rules. I just have to wonder about all the things they do & THEIR bad habits when they aren’t in the spotlight. They get away with so much more than we are aware of I’m sure. And because of their position alot is overlooked or swept under the rug. Our government needs to understand that we are FREE individuals and they need to be paying attention to themselves. As long as we aren’t hurting anyone else, mind your own business!!!? Now they are MONITORING us?!? Who do they they think they are…..GOD?! No they aren’t! And He is our ONE & ONLY judge!! People will start turning on them even more if they don’t back up!!