Sasha roasted by 90 Day Fiance viewers for trashing Betsy’s food but there is a twist [Spoilers]

Sasha Larin on 90 Day Fiance
Sasha may not have really thrown Betsy’s food away. Pic credit: TLC

Sasha cares deeply about his body, and he takes great care of it, but he overstepped on the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance when he tried to throw away a bunch of Betsy’s food.

TLC viewers are furious at Emily’s fiance and have been roasting him on Twitter ever since he insulted Betsy and Emily’s food choices and then tried to unload the pile of snacks straight into the trash.

90 Day Fiance fans were set off by the fact that Sasha seems to be very judgy about both Emily and Betsy’s diets and felt he crossed the line when he demanded that it all be thrown away.

Some even compared him to Jasmine, Blake’s fiancee, who also admitted to eating that most boring meals on the latest episode. She even went so far as to say she likes chicken, vegetables, and rice — with no seasoning!

The latest tension between Sasha and Emily’s sister got even more uncomfortable when Betsy confronted Emily about his rigorous eating habits and his attempt to force it on them.

When Emily seemed to admit that Sasha was a little too hardcore about his and her health, Betsy told her that this hyperfocus on health wasn’t healthy after all.

But there’s something that 90 Day Fiance fans might want to know about the controversial scene, and it might just vindicate Sasha.

According to recent 90 Day Fiance spoiler, the whole scene was set up.

Instagram blogger and host of The Fraudcast, @fraudedbytlc, recently shared information about Sasha’s food-shaming scene, and they said that the food was placed there by production so Sasha could throw it away. It wasn’t Betsy’s food, after all.

The drama between Sasha and Betsy certainly has 90 Day Fiance fans talking and even has some turning on Sasha even more than ever before. But if it’s true that the whole thing was just part of the script, it might worth giving Sasha the benefit of the doubt.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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