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Sara Burkett on Naked and Afraid: Everything to know about survivalist who returned for redemption

Sara in action
Sara gets a deep cut while competing on Naked and Afraid. Pic credit: Discovery

On the Naked and Afraid episode that aired Sunday night on Discovery, fans of the series saw a veteran player get another chance to win the competition.

Tennessean Sara Burkett had been on Season 10 in Panama, being paired with Kate Wentworth. Then she returned this year for another opportunity to prevail.

However, in the exclusive video preview from the network, she was seen making a “rookie” mistake by opening up the top of her foot with a machete knife.

Initially, she was angry with herself rather than being worried. After all, she knew a careless mistake like that could easily end her bid to try to make it to the requisite 21 days in the wild.

Sara Burkett on Naked and Afraid: Everything to know about survivalist who returned for redemption

Sara Burkett is Naked and Afraid in the Mexican jungle. Paired with Turkish-American Bulent Gurcan, the two women returned to the humid and sweltering environment seeking redemption.

Burkett and Bulent suffered clashes and personality friction. In a telling interview with Heavy.com, Sara made an admission.

“I can be stubborn and I didn’t want to ask for help on certain things. For instance, collecting firewood. I did it pretty much all by myself the entire time and I finally was so tired I broke down and asked for his help,” she said.

“When he obliged, I realized he was not completely my enemy and he did want to help me,” she added with a laugh.

Prior to this year’s Naked and Afraid, Sara competed on the series in 2019 in Panama. During the season, she injured her eye, forcing her to leave the show early.

Torrential downpours, competing survival styles, and a machete accident completed this week’s challenges.

Hey everyone check me out next Sunday March 29 at 8:00pm on the Discovery channel . This was an amazing life changing experience. Thank you to everyone for supporting me in my adventures.

Posted by Sara Burkett Naked and Afraid on Sunday, March 22, 2020

When asked by Blount County, Tennessee local news about the criteria for contestants like local hopeful Sara Burkett, Discovery called the process to become a Naked and Afraid survivalist “rigorous.”

“We find people from both videos they submit as well as an ongoing nationwide, even worldwide search,” Discovery said, adding, “Once they are under consideration, the candidates go through a thorough evaluation process that looks at their primitive survival skills, physical abilities, and mental toughness.”

“This was an amazing life-changing experience. Thank you to everyone for supporting me in my adventures,” Sara Burkett said on Facebook while promoting her appearance.

Sara said she loves the outdoors while claiming that nature inspires her. She appeared on Naked and Afraid Season 10 and now she appears on Season 12 of the show.

On her Facebook page, Sara describes herself as a “survivalist” who can kayak, camp, spelunk, hike, and more.

“Truly, anything outdoors,” she adds.

Naked And Afraid airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on Discovery.



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