Sam tells 90 Day Fiance fans to ‘think before they speak’ amid cruel comments about his appearance

90 Day Fiance star Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson claps back at online criticism. Pic credit: TLC

Sam Wilson and his fiance Citra made their debut very late into Season 10, but they still couldn’t escape the wrath of 90 Day Fiance fans.

Sam has been subjected to ridicule about his looks, and he recently responded to critics and told them to “think before they speak.”

The 30-year-old has seen all the nasty comments about his teeth or lack thereof, according to some people, and he quickly cleared that up.

A major conversation online has been whether Sam has his bottom row of teeth, and in case you’re wondering, yes, he does.

Sam confessed on the show that he’s a recovering drug addict, but that has nothing to do with his appearance.

He shared a bit of background about his life and upbringing and admitted that due to an unstable home, some things got neglected, his teeth being one of them.

Sam Wilson tells critics to ‘think before they speak’

This is not the first time that Sam has responded to the comments about his appearance.

A few days ago, he posted a photo on Instagram and told the critics, “I look the way I look.”

He recently shared more photos, this time from his younger years, and shared some insight about his life growing up.

“let me tell about my story so people can think before they speak,” said Sam, who revealed that he and his siblings didn’t have the “best upbringing” due to their “parents fighting a lot.”

“Sometimes we got neglected because of it,” explained the TLC star. “My teeth being one of them and yes I have bottom teeth I have this jawline from my dad side all of his family have the same jaws because we have part of Irish.”

Sam gets support from his 90 Day Fiance castmates

Before ending his Instagram post, Sam had a few more things to get off his chest.

“Also i want to say that filming was long days and lot of stress so thats why we usually look bad in scenes. Ask any of the cast about it 😅” he explained.

After sharing the Instagram post, his castmates responded, showing their support.

“Facts bro😩😅,” said Rob Warne.

“Ignore the trolls there’s nothing wrong with how u look at all they just have nothing better to do with their lives,” said Sophie Sierra.

Sam Wilson gets support from the 90 Day Fiance cast
Pic credit: @sam90day/Instagram

Clayton Clark told Sam, “As wonderful as it is to explain your side of the story, the real side, oftentimes, these things fall on deaf ears. You’re a good dude, Sam. It’s a shame the 90 Day Fiancé audience is the way it is.”

Devin Hoofman added, “I think the more people see you they will really start to see how cool you and Citra really are! Don’t let losers online diminish all your accomplishments!”

90 Day Fiance Season 10 airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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