Ryan Sutter alarms Bachelor Nation fans with cryptic post about wife Trista

Ryan and Trista Sutter Instagram selfie
Ryan Sutter shares a cryptic post about Trista Sutter. Pic credit: @tristasutter/Instagram

Ryan Sutter alarmed Bachelor Nation fans with a cryptic post that had people wondering if he had split from his wife, Trista Sutter, or something even worse.

After pouring out his heart on social media, people took to the comments to air their concerns for the couple.

In a lengthy post, Ryan expressed how much he missed his wife, writing, “I really wish I could talk to you.”

He also noted in the message that he wants to be there for Trista, but can’t, and claimed he didn’t know the day would come when he wouldn’t hear her voice.

He gave no context to the deeply personal message and in typical fashion people instantly jumped to conclusions about what was going on.

After seeing the comments, Ryan returned to Instagram with a lengthy explanation about the misleading post.

Ryan Sutter confuses The Bachelorette fans with a cryptic post about Trista Sutter

Ryan had a lot to get off his chest and he did it with an Instagram post dedicated to Trista, posting a black and white photo of them together.

“I really wish I could talk to you. Ask you how you’re doing? How was your day. I’d really like to hear your voice – just for a minute,” he wrote.

The Bachelorette alum also said, “I want to be there for you. But I can’t. And that’s ok cause I know you need this time – time to discover yourself again.”

It didn’t take long for Instagram users to sound off about the cryptic post.

“I’m not sure he realizes how much this makes it seems like she’s dead,” wrote a commenter.

“So basically are they separated?” questioned someone else.

“Did she die???? WTH does he know what this post sounds like???” another person asked. “Yes, miss her but this is a little too over the top. It sounds like she is dead.”

“Ryan I say this with love but a post like this is irresponsible. Everyone immediately panicked. Please just be aware of the message your sending,” added someone else.

Bachelor Nation fans blast Ryan Sutter
Pic credit: @ryansutter/Instagram

Ryan sets the record straight after his misleading post

In case you’re wondering, Trista is perfectly fine and no, she hasn’t left her husband. The Bachelorette alum is off filming a show and for now, they have to keep things under wraps.

Anyway after seeing the comments on his post, Ryan attempted an explanation to put concerned fans at ease.

“I write my feelings without regard for how they will be interpreted and with absolutely no intent to deceive or mislead anyone…I choose to share my thoughts on occasion because it helps me process them,” he wrote.

He also reassured his Instagram followers, “Trista is fine. We are fine. We’re great.”

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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