Ryan Ignasiak reveals he knows Alyssa Ellman outside of the show, says she’s ‘not so bad’

Ryan Ignasiak
Ryan Ignasiak promises Alyssa Ellman is ‘not so bad.’ Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 14 star Alyssa Ellman is off to find her ‘cowboy’ after splitting from Chris Collette, and some viewers think Alyssa might be interested in pursuing Married at First Sight Season 13 Texan Ryan Ignasiak. 

Married at First Sight viewers aimed to warn Ryan that Alyssa may be coming his way since Alyssa recently revealed that her next steps might be to move to Texas in search of her cowboy. 

Interestingly, Ryan caught wind of these comments and shared his thoughts, revealing that he already knows Alyssa. 

Ryan Ignasiak says Alyssa Ellman is ‘not so bad’ 

Married at First Sight’s official Instagram page shared a post featuring photos of all the couples, including Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman. 

With Alyssa no longer married, a commenter tagged Ryan Ignasiak in the comment section of the post, declaring that he and all Texans should avoid Alyssa if she does end up moving to his home state looking for love. 

The commenter wrote, “I doubt Texas wants her either! No one does after all her lies. All Texans need to avoid her like the plague.” 

Ryan responded to the comment and revealed that he actually knows Alyssa writing, “I know her outside of the show, she’s not so bad, I promise.” 

Ryan’s unpopular opinion of Alyssa didn’t seem to sway the commenter who still declared that Alyssa is not a good person, writing, “She’s not a good person. Sorry, she didn’t get a bad edit like she claims. Don’t let her near your dog, she’s allergic.” 

Ryan found humor in this comment as he responded with a laughing emoji. 

MAFS comment section
Pic credit: @bmikulick/Instagram

Another MAFS viewer tagged Ryan in their comment that read, “Look out Houston! Alyssa is on her way.”

Ryan responded, writing, “excuse me what?” and the viewer explained to him that Alyssa is moving to Texas. Ryan’s reply further suggested that he knows Alyssa since he appeared to have an idea of where in Texas she’d be moving.

Ryan wrote, “Texas is quite large…I think she’s moving to Austin. Equivalent to NYC to Boston.” 

MAFS comment section
Pic credit: @sntemme/Instagram

Ryan Ignasiak responds to viewer’s question on whether he would date Alyssa Ellman 

On a post from Ryan Ignasiak’s page, where he notably wears a cowboy hat, a MAFS fan took a more direct approach by bluntly asking Ryan, “Would you date Alyssa of this Boston Season?!” 

Ryan laughed off the question writing, “I actually just laughed…I forgot that I several times said, verbatim, that I was wanting a good person.”

Ryan Ignasiak comment section
Pic credit: @ryanignacho/Instagram

It remains to be seen if Alyssa and Ryan will strike up a deeper connection down the line. 

Do you think Ryan and Alyssa would make a compatible couple? 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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