Ryan Edwards requests his past arrests and drug abuse be deemed ‘irrelevant’ in upcoming negligent crash case

Teen Mom OG alum Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards, former Teen Mom OG star, is requesting that his prior arrests and drug abuse be overlooked in his upcoming court case. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG alum Ryan Edwards is requesting that a judge “prohibit proof or questioning” pertaining to his prior arrests and drug abuse, ahead of his November 9 trial.

The upcoming case relates to a 2018 car crash in which he was sued for negligence by the defendants.

Ryan’s trial is expected to last two to three days, according to The Sun, who were first to report the latest court developments.

Teen Mom OG alum Ryan Edwards files to ‘prohibit questioning’ of his arrests and drug problems

Ryan filed a motion with the court that would “prohibit proof or questioning as to the Defendant’s prior criminal or drug activities that were not in any way related with the motor vehicle accident at issue.”

His filing continued, “Defendant has conceded simple fault for causing the accident at issue, and these other matters would be extraneous, irrelevant, confusing, unfairly prejudicial and unduly burdensome to the Defendant.”

As most Teen Mom OG fans are aware, Ryan has a history of drug abuse, specifically heroin, and has served jail time and attended rehab.

One major turning point was captured during a 2017 episode of Teen Mom OG when Ryan and his wife Mackenzie were driving to the courthouse to get married.

During the scene, Ryan could barely keep his eyes open as he sped down the highway, swerving and appearing to doze off while Mackenzie had to take the wheel from him to avoid crashing.

After the episode, Ryan checked into a rehab center for the second time.

Ryan Edwards’ addiction and arrest history

In 2017, Ryan was issued a citation for simple possession of heroin when a search of his car is said to have turned up 14 hypodermic needles, one of which was reportedly filled with heroin.

At the time, Ryan is claimed to have told police officers, “It’s heroin and I have a problem,” in relation to a baggie they found in his center console containing a dark substance.

Edwards was not arrested, and only issued a misdemeanor citation, to which he plead guilty, earning him 11 months and 29 days in jail, though it was suspended.

Ryan, whose drug addiction interfered with his relationship with his son Bentley, was arrested in 2018 when he failed a court-ordered drug test.

He got arrested again just four months later for breaking probation from a past charge of heroin possession.

The former MTV star checked into rehab once more later that year after his two arrests but got arrested an additional time in 2019 for breaking probation once again. He served 90 days in jail for the charge.

These days, Ryan says he has been sober for three years, when he told The Sun in August, “I’ve been doing good with my sobriety. [August 19] was three years since I’ve been completely clean.”

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