Ryan Edwards arrested again: Teen Mom OG star currently being held on simple possession of heroin charge

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom OG
Ryan Edwards is back in jail

Ryan Edwards is back behind bars. After learning that he was addicted to heroin and was spending $10,000 a week on drugs, Teen Mom fans were shocked.

It has been a year since Ryan entered treatment and got sober after being addicted to heroin. Mackenzie Standifer has remained by her husband’s side, shifting the blame to Maci Bookout and others as she tries to cope with what is happening in her world.

The couple recently announced that they would not be returning to film Teen Mom OG. Reports aren’t clear about why Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer actually left the show.

Ryan insists that they were not going to be filmed because Maci Bookout was putting her foot down and refused to do the MTV series if they were filming him. However, Mackenzie has said that producers wanted to film her unborn child with the grandparents as if they were the guardians.

There’s definitely more to the story and now it’s looking like Ryan hasn’t been sober like he previously claimed.

Earlier this year, Maci filed an order of protection against Ryan. She has been adamant about him being on drugs.

After providing the proof about why she wanted the order of protection, it was granted for two years. With that in place, there could be no Teen Mom filming together.

Confirmation of his most recent arrest came by way of a statement on social media after news broke on Monday night. Ryan Edwards was arrested on July 23, 2018, on a simple possession of heroin charge. He is being held on no bond in the Hamilton County Jail.

What happens from here is unknown. Ryan Edwards is due back in court on August 6, 2018. Until then, everything is up in the air. Mackenzie Standifer is currently pregnant with their first child together and this news is definitely not what she planned for this late in her pregnancy.

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