Rodney Mathews says ‘things are looking up’ after heartbreaking summer

Rodney Mathews
Rodney Mathews gives his Bachelor in Paradise fans an update after the reunion. Pic credit: @rodneymathews02/Instagram

After his heartbreaking exit on the Bachelor in Paradise, Rodney Mathews finally has some good news for his loyal fans.

Things are starting to get better.

Season 8 viewers spent the past few months watching Rodney mainly pursue a relationship with Eliza Isichei on the beaches of Paradise. It was evident from the moment she entered as one of the new slew of women during the show’s “Split Week” that Rodney had his sights set on her.

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However, things got messy when Eliza chose to go on a date with Justin. Although she ended up giving her rose to Rodney at the next ceremony, she broke up with him shortly after when she realized her feelings for Justin were stronger.

Rodney’s exit was by far one of the most heartbreaking and tearful moments to happen on BIP — both on-screen among the castmates and for viewers at home.

And even though Eliza “shot her shot” with Rodney again during last week’s Season 8 reunion, Rodney said he had finally started to move on from the situation and wasn’t willing to go through something like that again.

Rodney Mathews tells fans things are finally better after BIP exit

Although it may have been a tough summer for Rodney, it seems as if the upcoming year may have some exciting things in store for the former contestant.

He took to Instagram on Monday with a few uplifting words for his followers to show that he is headed in a better direction. “Things are looking up,” he wrote.

The photos showed him posing in a brown corduroy jacket as he peered off into the distance, showed off his side profile, and gazed directly into the camera.

Rodney had ‘no regrets’ while filming Bachelor in Paradise

After filming this season’s BIP reunion, Rodney took to Instagram to further explain his feelings toward his experience with the show.

He labeled the entire season as a “roller coaster,” which fans definitely saw, and said that “watching and reliving this has been difficult for multiple reasons.”

However, when it comes to the future, being a part of the Bachelor spin-off series made Rodney realize one thing for sure — he won’t ever let anyone diminish his energy or “take the life out of” him again.

“As crazy as it was, I have no regrets,” he admitted.

Although the crazy BIP ride may be over, there’s no doubt that fans are hoping to see Rodney Mathews again as the Bachelor someday.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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