Robyn rips off mic, storms off rewatching Sister Wives throwback commitment episode: ‘I can’t watch this!’

robyn brown records a confessional during season 16 of sister wives
Robyn couldn’t handle reminiscing about the Brown family. Pic credit: Discovery+

During a recent Sister Wives spinoff episode, Robyn Brown wasn’t interested in revisiting the past.

Sister Wives: Look Back, Where We Started is one of several new specials, and it premiered this weekend.

The premise of the show is much like 90 Day Fiance’s Pillow Talk, where the cast rewatches old episodes and gives commentary on them.

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During this two-part spinoff, Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown watched episodes from former seasons of Sister Wives and described how they feel about them now, years later.

The producers replayed a segment in which the Brown family celebrated their polygamous family with a commitment ceremony.

Kody, his then-four wives, and their children got dressed up for the occasion, and their closest family and friends showed up in support of their plural family.

Robyn loses her composure as she watches old footage of Kody reading the Brown family mission statement

As soon as the footage rolled, however, Robyn couldn’t handle watching it.

Kody began to read the Brown family’s mission statement in the scene, talking about how his family “embraced the spirit of abundance and affection, time, opportunity, peace, wealth, prosperity, wisdom, and love.”

As Kody’s speech played on the tablet she held, Robyn broke down and began sobbing.

“I can’t watch this!” Robyn exclaimed, asking producers, “How do I stop it [from playing]?” as she fumbled around on the tablet.

Robyn, clearly overcome with emotion and triggered by the memory, repeatedly declared over and over, “I can’t watch this!” before telling producers that she needed a break.

The 45-year-old mom of five tore off her mic and got up from the couch, storming off set as intense music played in the background.

After several seconds of silence, Robyn went out of frame, and a door could be heard slamming before producers decided, “Let’s cut.”

The scene ended the episode, as the words, “To be continued…” appeared across the screen.

The Brown family celebrated with a commitment ceremony in Season 6 of Sister Wives

Longtime Sister Wives viewers may recall the episode, aptly titled The Commitment Celebration, during Season 6.

After Kody said his piece, he handed the mic to his wives. When it was Robyn’s turn to read from the Brown family mission statement, unsurprisingly, she got choked up on her words.

As she explained in her Season 6 Episode 19 confessional, Robyn “tends to get choked up” whenever she’s speaking about anything that “really means something” to her.

As Kody noted during his confessional in the episode, Robyn usually wears her emotions “close to her sleeve, and she’s very willing to express them.”

That statement has remained true over the years. Robyn has even earned herself the unflattering nickname “Sobbin’ Robyn” on social media due to her frequent crying on the show.

Sister Wives viewers will get to see whether Robyn is able to compose herself and return to the couch when Part 2 of Sister Wives: Look Back, called How It’s Going, airs on New Year’s Eve.

Sister Wives: Look Back, How It’s Going airs on Sunday, December 31, at 10/9c on TLC.

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