Robyn Brown’s friend adamantly defends the Sister Wives star: She is ‘not a homewrecker’

Robyn’s friend came to her defense. Pic credit: Discovery+

For as long as Sister Wives fans can remember, Robyn Brown has been deemed a homewrecker.

While Kody Brown has been blamed for his fair share of breakups within the Brown family, Robyn has been accused of being the one ultimately responsible for Kody’s ex-wives, Christine, Janelle, and Meri, leaving their plural marriage.

In 2010, Robyn and Kody began courting. At the time, he had already been married to Meri for 20 years, married to Janelle for 17 years, and Christine for 16 years.

So, undoubtedly, Robyn entering the family shook things up quite a bit.

But was Kody’s much younger fourth wife to blame for breaking up the family?

Not if you ask her longtime friend and confidant, Kendra Pollard, who wants to clear the air.

Robyn Brown’s BFF says it’s a ‘hundred percent false’ that Kody and Robyn planned to ruin his other marriages

Amid the years-long backlash, Kendra recently spoke to The Sun and defended Robyn, calling out the Sister Wives star’s naysayers, who have cast blame on Kody for bringing Robyn into the family as a way to oust his other three wives.

“I want to set the record straight on the fact that everybody is very heavily convinced that Kody actually planned to bring Robyn in to ruin his marriage, that this was kind of a premeditated plan on Kody and Robyn’s part,” Kendra told the publication.

“That’s a hundred percent false,” she added.

During Season 1 of Sister Wives, viewers learned that Kody’s first wife, Meri, was actually responsible for introducing Robyn to him and the rest of the family. According to Kendra, that storyline adds up.

In fact, Kendra claimed that initially, Kody “did not want to even get involved with” Robyn because of her baggage, which he didn’t “agree” with — her ex-husband, David Jessop, and their three children.

Early seasons of Sister Wives made Robyn out to look like a homewrecker, says Robyn’s friend

Season 1 also saw Kody courting Robyn, which often meant he was taking his new bride-to-be on solo dates while his other wives stayed home with the kids.

However, according to Kendra, the way the show was edited made it appear that Kody and Robyn were spending a lot more time together alone than he was spending with his other wives.

“It was not until they were engaged to be married that he started having outings with her in private. But then again, he also had film crews with them,” Kendra continued.

“So, Robyn is not a homewrecker, and their marriage wasn’t premeditated,” she said of her friend.

Kendra defended Robyn even further, saying that accusations that Kody’s fourth wife demanded all his time and attention aren’t true. According to Kendra, Kody kept a “very rigid” schedule and split his time evenly among his four wives.

Robyn’s BFF also told The Sun that while Kody was at Meri or Christine’s homes, they made him feel “terrible” for not “fulfilling” their needs.

“So to sit here and blame Robyn when she’s not even present in their homes, that she’s the cause of the breakups, is completely false,” Kendra contested, adding that a lot of Robyn and Kody’s time together was spent working through his issues in his other relationships.

Sister Wives viewers have long blamed Robyn for breaking up the family and accused Kody of playing favorites

Viewers’ opinions about Robyn haven’t changed much since Season 1. As many believed for years, Robyn became Kody’s favored wife early on, and his other wives soon caught on and voiced their concerns, too.

Kody all but admitted this notion during the Season 17 Tell All. Although he danced around Sukanya Krishnan’s question about Robyn being his favorite wife, Kody explained that Robyn is always ready to “put up her dukes” whenever anyone “s**t-talks him,” implying that his other wives failed to defend him as fiercely.

This season on Sister Wives, we’re getting a much clearer look at how Kody’s marriages with Christine, Janelle, and Meri fell apart. Kody has shirked taking accountability for the most part, and Robyn has found herself dealing with the aftermath of her husband’s multiple divorces.

As Robyn explained earlier this season, being married to Kody at this point while he navigates his emotions has been “hell” for her. She’s still holding onto hope that Kody can reconcile with his exes, but we certainly don’t ever see that happening, at least not on his exes’ part.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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