Robyn Brown’s eyebrows steal the show as she fights COVID-19 in the hospital on Sister Wives

Robyn Brown eyebrows TLC
Sister Wives viewers focused on Robyn’s eyebrows after the latest episode. Pic credit: TLC

Robyn Brown was hospitalized for COVID-19 in the latest episode of Sister Wives, but all viewers could focus on were her eyebrows.

Sunday’s episode, titled Coronapocalypse, featured Robyn and Kody battling COVID-19. Robyn followed Kody’s strict pandemic protocols, unlike Janelle and Christine, yet still, she and Kody caught the virus.

When Robyn’s symptoms didn’t improve, Kody took her to the hospital, where she self-filmed from the emergency room.

While filming, Robyn wasn’t wearing any makeup, and her brows weren’t filled in, which caught the attention of many Sister Wives viewers.

Fans of the show took to Twitter following the episode, where many expressed shock at seeing Robyn’s eyebrows in their natural state.

“Getting sick was the best thing to happen to Robyn’s eyebrows,” wrote one Sister Wives viewer.

Sister Wives viewers shocked to see Robyn Brown’s eyebrows in their natural state

Another felt that Robyn’s eyebrows looked better while hospitalized and without makeup than they did during her regular scenes.

One viewer compared Robyn’s natural eyebrows to another TLC star, Darcey Silva, from the 90 Day Fiance franchise. “Seeing Robyn’s real eyebrows is almost as shocking as seeing Darcey Silva with minimal/I just woke up with no make up make up,” their tweet read.

sister wives viewers tweet about robyn brown's eyebrows following the sunday, december 4 episode
Pic credit: @Meganin8/@vanillaflava1/@return_carriage/@icedcoffeesnack/Twitter

One critic tweeted that Robyn’s makeup and eyebrows looked better while battling COVID-19 than when she applied makeup and filled in her brows.

In another tweet, seen below, a Sister Wives viewer included a screenshot of Robyn’s fresh-faced look while she filmed from her hospital bed, noting her brows have “never looked better.”

Another viewer couldn’t believe how thin Robyn’s natural brows were and was shocked that she still “draws on those giant, wrong color quotation marks.”

Are Kody and Robyn Brown headed for monogamy?

Aside from her physical appearance, Robyn has come under fire from Sister Wives viewers for quite some time, especially this season. Kody’s behavior seems to indicate that he’s no longer an advocate for polygamy and that he has found his true love in his fourth wife, Robyn.

Longtime Sister Wives fans had accused Robyn of plotting to be Kody’s sole wife when she joined the family in 2010.

After Meri legally divorced Kody, Robyn became his only legal wife in 2014. Since then, and especially after the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Robyn and Kody have acted more and more like a monogamous couple, leading Sister Wives viewers to wonder whether they’ve bamboozled the other wives all along.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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