Robyn Brown says she and her kids got ‘voted off the Brown family island’

Robyn and her kids feel like they were shunned by the rest of the family. Pic credit: Discovery+

Kody Brown’s last-standing wife, Robyn Brown, feels like she and her kids have been treated like castaways.

In Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Christine and Janelle Brown’s kids berated Robyn.

While Christine was visiting Janelle and their kids in Flagstaff, a dinner conversation turned into a Robyn-bashing fest.

Garrison and Gwendlyn were the most outspoken, accusing Robyn of playing the victim, using COVID-19 to keep Kody all to herself, and then gaslighting them into thinking they were at fault.

The siblings also felt that Kody chose Robyn and her kids over them, but Robyn saw things in a completely different light.

During a confessional, Robyn told TLC’s cameras, “From my perspective, Kody did not choose us. My kids and I wanted to be a part of this family and wanted to be accepted and loved by everyone.”

Robyn admitted that when she blended her family with the rest of the Browns in the early years, there was “a lot of trouble.”

Kody’s fourth wife didn’t feel as though she had enough support from the other parents – yes, she’s taking aim at you, Janelle, Meri, and Christine – but she claimed that after 10 years or so, things improved.

Robyn Brown confesses on Sister Wives: My kids and I were ‘voted off the Brown family island’

But then, when COVID-19 hit, Robyn claimed that’s when it all hit the fan, and she told cameras that’s when she and her kids were “excluded.”

According to Robyn, she and her kids weren’t “part of the group” anymore, and it was a sudden shift in the family’s dynamic.

After feeling disrespected by the older Brown siblings, Robyn announced in a group text that she and her kids wouldn’t be participating in the Christmas gift exchange or talking to them anymore, as Gwendlyn explained to the group at dinner.

Robyn confessed that the older kids gave her a “kickback” and an “attitude,” and after feeling defeated, she gave up.

“We really, truly – my kids and I – have felt like we got voted off the Brown family island,” is how Robyn put it. “That is absolutely how we have felt.”

Robyn and her kids joining the Brown family disrupted the family’s relationships

Robyn brought three kids to the Brown family in 2010 when she began courting Kody Brown. Breanna, Aurora, and Dayton are Kody’s adopted children from Robyn’s marriage to David Jessop.

Interestingly, Meri offered to legally divorce Kody so that he could legally marry Robyn and then adopt Breanna, Aurora, and Dayton, which took place in 2015.

Was Meri planning her exit from the family?

When Meri divorced Kody in 2014, their marriage had already been on the rocks for quite some time.

Shortly after their divorce, Meri entered into an online relationship with a catfish, a woman named Jackie Overton posing as a man named Sam Cooper.

Perhaps Meri was looking for a way to get out of her marriage to Kody, although she waited another eight years before finally pulling the plug and officially terminating their 33-year-long relationship.

On top of that, Sister Wives viewers have speculated for years that Robyn planned on having Kody all to herself from the start and have deemed her a “homewrecker.”

So maybe Robyn and Kody plotted for things to work out exactly as they did, leaving them in a monogamous marriage while his other three wives have since said, “Sayonara.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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