Robyn and Kody Brown spotted with their rumored nanny, Sister Wives viewers react

Kody and Robyn TLC confessionals
Kody and Robyn were spotted at an aquarium in Arizona. Pic credit: TLC

It’s a question Christine Brown and Sister Wives viewers have wondered for a while now: What does the nanny do? Apparently, she travels with Kody and Robyn Brown to visit the aquarium.

Since Kody was dumped by three of his wives – Meri, Janelle, and Christine – he and Robyn have been left to pick up the pieces.

The seemingly monogamous couple has been lying low on social media, although they’ve been spotted out and about in public places a few times in recent months.

Such was the case recently when they were spotted at the aquarium with their two youngest children, Solomon and Ariella, and the woman suspected to be their nanny, Mindy Jessop, who happens to be Robyn’s “step-niece.”

A Sister Wives viewer took to Reddit this week to share some candid photos they snapped of Robyn and Kody with their mini entourage.

The post, captioned, “Guess who I saw today…” depicted Robyn, Kody, Mindy, Solomon, and Ariella in two different photos.

Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted at a Phoenix aquarium with their suspected nanny

In the first image, everyone’s eyes were on Robyn as she spoke to the group. Robyn was clad in a flowy floral top and a pink cardigan and wore her hair in a half-up, half-down style.

robyn and kody brown spotted on reddit
Robyn, Kody, Solomon, and Ariella Brown were spotted with their nanny. Pic credit: u/mhmama76/Reddit

Kody and Mindy looked on intently, each with serious scowls on their faces. Solomon was faced away from the camera, and Ariella took a swig of her bottled blue drink.

For his part, Kody was looking snazzier than usual, clad in a purple top and a tan leather jacket paired with jeans and a pendant necklace around his neck.

robyn and kody brown spotted on reddit
A Sister Wives viewers stole a snap of Robyn and Kody with their nanny and two youngest children. Pic credit: u/mhmama76/Reddit

Longtime Sister Wives fans will recognize that Kody was sporting his ex-wife Janelle’s favorite hairstyle, slicking his curly locks into a ponytail for the outing.

In the second photo, Robyn continued to talk to the group, this time pointing her finger mid-sentence. Mindy, Kody, Solomon, and Ariella looked in the direction she pointed, all with serious expressions on their faces.

As the creator of the Reddit post explained, Kody and Robyn were in Phoenix to visit an aquarium, and apparently, Ariella fell into the water at one point. The Redditor post creator also said Kody was friendly when approached.

a sister wives viewer explains the candid shot of kody and robyn brown on reddit
A Redditor explains how they snapped the photos of Kody and Robyn. Pic credit: u/mhmama76/Reddit

In the comments section of the Reddit thread, Sister Wives viewers had a field day roasting Kody and Robyn, many of them taking aim at their fashion choices.

Sister Wives viewers roast Kody and Robyn

One mocked Kody’s necklace choice with their comment, which read, “Is Kody wearing the blue heart diamond necklace from The Titanic? So fitting!!”

Another Redditor didn’t mince words and cut right to the chase: “Robyn is so frumpy in her pale cardigan, floral, and frizzy curls. Kody looks like a midlife crisis and Mindy looks like a lumberjack. Isn’t Ari too old running around and falling in a fountain? Also, why can’t these lazy a**holes take care of their own kids?”

sister wives viewers take aim and kody and robyn on reddit
Sister Wives viewers roast Kody and Robyn. Pic credit: u/mhmama76/Reddit

Instead of making fun of their style, one Redditor took aim at their facial expressions and the fact that Robyn has a nanny.

“The entire family have scowls, not very happy,” they wrote. “And naturally Robyn has her nanny with her (for only 2 kids), she has never wanted to be responsible for her own kids.”

With only two minor children living at home now and the other wives out of the picture, Sister Wives viewers are curious why Robyn and Kody are still employing a nanny, assuming that’s still Mindy’s role.

Last year, “What does the nanny do?” became the best one-liner from the show when Christine questioned Robyn and Kody’s reasoning for employing help with their children.

Robyn’s reasoning was that she has “a lot going on during the day” and doesn’t want to bother to ask Kody to help tend to their kids. However, Sister Wives viewers weren’t buying it and have been ridiculing Robyn for it ever since.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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