Robert Mills speaks out after The Bachelorette fans complain about sound when Brandon got dumped

Michelle Young and Brandon Jones on the beach
Robert Mills says they did the best they could with the sound quality during The Bachelorette Season 18 finale. Pic credit: ABC

Robert Mills spoke out after The Bachelorette fans complained about sound when Brandon got dumped.

Michelle Young and Brandon Jones had a very emotional breakup on The Bachelorette Season 18 finale and fans nearly missed out on hearing their heartbreaking goodbye due to the sound quality.

With so many complaints from The Bachelorette fans regarding not being able to hear Michelle and Brandon’s final moments together on the beach, ABC’s Senior Vice President of unscripted and alternative entertainment, Robert Mills, spoke out and issued an apology.

Robert Mills apologizes to Bachelor Nation

The Bachelorette finales often include a grand location for the lead to send their runner-up home and get engaged with their last person standing.

For Michelle’s season, she stood on a platform while on the beach in Mexico.

Standing right by the ocean might have allowed for a picturesque backdrop, but the roaring waves really tampered with the sound quality, especially during Michelle’s breakup with Brandon Jones.

Brandon Jones was all in for Michelle from the beginning and often poured his heart out to her. So naturally, when it came time for Michelle to break up with him, there were a lot of tears and emotions.

Brandon and Michelle were clearly sharing heartfelt words with one another but many The Bachelorette viewers were vocal about how they could hardly hear the two over the crashing waves nearby.

Robert Mills tweets to address the complaints and express his apologies, writing, “We boasted the audio as best we could. The waves were so loud. Apologies #BachelorNation.”

Robert Mills' tweet
Pic credit: @Millsy11374/Twitter

Many comments under Robert Mills’ tweet were understanding, and while the audio during Brandon’s scene was murky, The Bachelorette fans were, fortunately, able to hear a bit better when Michelle and Nayte professed their love for one another and got engaged.

Will Brandon Jones be on Bachelor in Paradise?

Brandon Jones may not have had luck on the beach during The Bachelorette, but perhaps he will return to the franchise through their beachy spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise.

Many The Bachelorette viewers became endeared to Brandon over the course of the season, with some even wanting him to be the Bachelor over Clayton Echard.

Brandon may not be the next Bachelor but it’s a possibility that fans could see Brandon take another shot at love on Bachelor in Paradise.

No cast announcements have been made regarding the cast for Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 but it’s safe to say Brandon would be welcomed to the spinoff with open arms if he wanted to join the cast. Brandon Jones’ fans will certainly be rooting for him to have another chance at love on the beach.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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2 years ago

Brandon Jones has too high morals for the girls on Bachelor in Paradise. They aren’t his type.