Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra split, waiting to file for divorce ‘because the show is still going on’

rob warne sophie sierra HEA S8
Sophie and Rob have reportedly split up, but are waiting for their 90 Day Fiance storyline to cease before filing for divorce. Pic credit: Discovery+

Surprise, surprise: Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra have split.

Following less than one year of marriage, the 90 Day Fiance couple has decided to part ways.

This likely doesn’t surprise 90 Day Fiance viewers who watched their marital woes play out in Season 10 of the flagship series and continue into Season 8 of Happily Ever After?

According to a source who spoke with In Touch, it’s officially over between Rob and Sophie, but they aren’t making it official because their storyline is currently airing.

The insider told the outlet, “They haven’t officially filed [for divorce] because the show is still going on.”

“Sophie and Rob still keep in touch and are friends, but they are not together,” they added.

Sophie and Rob split for good after she moved in with her friend Kay

The mystery person in the know added that these two “haven’t been together” since Sophie moved out of her and Rob’s Texas home and into her friend Kay’s house.

According to the source, “They moved in together around May of last year and have been living together since.”

Sophie’s decision to shack up with Kay raised serious red flags for Rob, who wondered whether she might be cheating on him with her roommate.

But Sophie had doubts of her own about trusting Rob after he cheated on her with multiple women online during quarantine.

Rob didn’t cop to anything physical with the women online. Sophie discovered risque videos from other females on Rob’s phone… although he insisted they pre-dated his and Sophie’s engagement.

Despite struggling to trust Rob again, Sophie gave him another chance, but so far, it doesn’t seem that will be enough to sustain their marriage.

Rob and Sophie’s tumultuous love story continues in Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

For starters, they’re not even living under the same roof. On top of that, Sophie had a sick feeling in her stomach on the day of her wedding, which she thought was a sign not to walk down the aisle.

And to add fuel to the fire, Sophie’s mom, Claire, dislikes her son-in-law with a passion… so much so that she even nicknamed him “Rob the Knob.”

Even though Sophie believes Rob is worthy of a second chance, Claire disagrees adamantly and feels her daughter should kick him to the curb.

Judging by the word on the street, Sophie may have finally heeded her mom’s advice.

In addition to the source who claims Sophie and Rob are already dunzo, the British beauty is reportedly filming for the next season of 90 Day: The Single Life.

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Joyce Schauer
Joyce Schauer
2 months ago

I’m so sorry they can’t make a go of their marriage, I love both of them!! They are so cute!💔💔

2 months ago

They didn’t stand a chance with Sophie allowing her mother to get involved in the marriage in any way. Claire is a very obnoxious person and has a bad track record of her own life which she uses against Rob and Sophie trying to make a relationship work.

susanna rowe
susanna rowe
2 months ago

How dare Rob the Nob make a TO DO LIST for you Sofie if anyone needed a TO DO LIST it would sure be ROB THE NOB!!! You can do better Sofie, listen to your Mama.