Riley Christian says Maurissa Gunn’s cat is in love with him

Riley Christian sits
Riley Christian is starting his own law practice from the comfort of his home. Pic credit: ABC

Maurissa isn’t the only one in love with Riley Christian. It seems Maurissa’s pet cat has also fallen for Riley. 

Now that Riley and Maurissa are engaged, they naturally spend loads of time together and often have fans swooning over how sweet they are together, especially during their Sunday morning routine. 

Riley continued to give Bachelor in Paradise fans a glimpse into their life when he shared a sweet video with Maurissa’s cat. 

Riley shares a video of Maurissa’s smitten kitten 

Riley took to Instagram to share a video of him cuddling Maurissa’s cat. 

In the video, Riley sat on the couch while Maurissa’s white and brown spotted cat adorably rested and stretched on his chest, and the cat certainly appears to be infatuated with Riley. 

Riley looked in the camera and shared, “Y’all Riss’s cat is in love with me. It just won’t leave me.” 

Riley Christian and a cat
Pic credit: @rileydchristian/Instagram

Maurissa can be heard laughing in the video as Riley explains to the cat that its nails are sharp as the cat continued to place its paws on Riley’s neck. 

The video goes to show that Riley’s suave charm seems to work on both humans and pets. 

Riley and Maurissa watch The Bachelorette together 

Riley and Maurissa do tons of couple activities together and one of those activities is watching and reacting to Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. 

Just last week, Riley and Maurissa shared clips of their experience watching the show at home, and the historic Bachelor in Paradise couple had lots of thoughts on Michelle Young and her guys.

Both Riley and Maurissa were outspoken about not trusting Martin Gelbspan after his one-on-one date with Michelle because of the way Martin kept trying to defend The Bachelorette villain Jamie Skaar. 

Riley and Maurissa also criticized Michelle’s men for not paying any attention to Michelle during the slumber party date since they were so preoccupied with having “guy time” with each other. 

While Riley and Maurissa had their critiques of the men, including Chris S. and his unwarranted targeting of Nayte, they also voiced their support for certain contestants. 

Riley and Maurissa praised Nayte for how he handled the Chris S situation and they also declared that they stan Olumide after his vulnerable conversation with Michelle. 

We’re likely to continue getting fun and sweet peeks into Riley and Maurissa’s life as the couple and Maurissa’s cat fall more in love each day.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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