Ricky Reyes defends Danielle Jbali from 90 Day Fiance memers

Ricky Reyes and Danielle Jbali
Ricky is speaking up in Danielle’s defense after the latest round of memes. Pic credit: TLC

Ricky Reyes is putting his foot down after the latest round of Danielle Jbali memes as he doesn’t understand why 90 Day Fiance fans continue to mock the reality TV star.

The Before the 90 Days cast member spoke out after seeing even more memes make their rounds after Danielle modeled her latest piece of clothing and posted a photo of it on Instagram.

Danielle seems to have gone into partnership with the Curve House Boutique, a website that specializes in plus size clothing, as well as the Pink Abby Boutique. She has shared several looks now, ranging from oversized sweaters to one-piece jumpers and some of the clothing is really cute.

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That hasn’t stopped the 90 Day Fiance memers, who make fun of seemingly everything from the show, from taking aim at Danielle Jbali, editing pictures of her wearing these pieces of clothing into anything from catwalks and runways to scenes from Star Wars.

After what seems to be an endless supply of Danielle Jbali memes, Ricky Reyes has had enough.

“I don’t understand why when @daniellejbali puts on an outfit to represent a product it gets photoshop to like Star Wars, club scenes, mall ads, nature scenes or even movie clips…,” Ricky wrote. “This is really weird and awkward. Just let her represent and promote a product, why attack her Everytime she models? #leaveheralone.”

Ricky Reyes on Instagram stories
Ricky defends Danielle Jbali. Pic credit: @reyesfitnessproject/Instagram

Ricky does have a point. Every time Danielle Jbali posts a picture of herself promoting a product, the memes that are made featuring her end up everywhere.

And while many members of the 90 Day Fiance cast, past and present, have been featured heavily in memes over the years, the ones taking aim at Danielle always seem to be especially mean-spirited.

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