Rick Leach says he would ‘never go back’ to Bachelor in Paradise after elimination

Rick Leach
Rick Leach was sent home this week on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @rickleachjr/Instagram

Rick Leach made a brief appearance on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, and he has no plans to return to the beach for future seasons.

This season of BIP featured a new twist that forced the men and women to split for a week and mingle with newcomers.

Rick was one of the men brought on during split week, along with his The Bachelorette Season 18 costar Olumide Onajide.

Rick and Olu struggled to connect with the ladies as most of them wanted to remain loyal to their men back on the beach.

The ladies informed Bachelor in Paradise host Jesse Palmer that they weren’t interested in pursuing Rick or Olu, leading Jesse to tell the duo that their journey in paradise was over.

After his elimination, Rick appeared to throw some shade at BIP and declare his disinterest in returning to the show.

Rick Leach sarcastically reflects on ‘amazing’ BIP experience

Rick Leach took to Instagram to share a post-elimination photo and caption with his 28.7k followers.

In the photo, Rick sat on a leather couch wearing a red Hawaiian shirt and a red rose behind his ear.

In his caption, Rick referred to his previous post, where he wore his tropical shirt in a blatantly photoshopped pic with a beach behind him.

Rick captioned the current post, “SPOILER ALERT………….I never went to the beach even though my previous post made it look like I did. Thanks @bachelorinparadise for an “amazing” experience.”

Rick’s followers got a kick out of his caption and reacted in the comments.
A supporter expressed feeling that the show wasted an opportunity to include Rick more and Rick agreed that it didn’t make sense.

One commenter wrote, “Hope to see you get a real shot next season! Totally unfair.”

Rick clarified to the commenter, “I would never go back.”

Rick Leach comments.
Pic credit: @rickleachjr/Instagram

Who went home this week on Bachelor in Paradise?

Rick Leach and Olumide Onajide packed their bags and left paradise this week, but so did some ladies.

Lace Morris went home after learning Rodney Mathews had built a stronger connection with Eliza Isichei.

Jill Chin returned to the beach, hoping to pick up where she left off with Jacob Rapini.

However, while Jill was away, Jacob tried to pursue Kate Gallivan, only for Kate to leave him for Logan Palmer.

Jacob’s feelings for Kate made him realize that Jill was not his person, and he broke the news to her in an emotional conversation.

Upon splitting with Jacob, Jill decided to go home for good.

Stay tuned to see which couples will progress and which cast mates will be eliminated as Bachelor in Paradise continues.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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