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Rhylee Gerber clashes with Ashton and wants to sleep with Brian on return to Below Deck

Rhylee Gerber is back on Below Deck.
Drama is ahead on Below Deck after Rhylee clashes with Ashton and wants to sleep with Brian. Pic credit: Bravo

Rhylee Gerber is the new deckhand on Below Deck, replacing Abbi Murphy. Captain Lee Rosbach broke the news to Ashton Pienaar, who is not pleased with the latest addition to his deck crew.

Fans did not get a glimpse of Rhylee on the most recent episode of Below Deck. However, the preview clip for the next episodes shows Rhylee joining the deckhand crew. It appears she has not changed much since the last time fans, Ashton, Captain Lee, or chef stew Kate Chastain saw her.

The Alaska native is bringing her drama game to the Valor crew. In a sneak peek video for the rest of Below Deck Season 7, Rhylee clashes with Ashton and wants to sleep with Brian de Saint Pern.

She is no stranger to hooking up with her co-workers. Rhylee had quite a few on-camera make-out and more sessions with fellow deckhand Tyler Rowland. The two had some memorable interactions the last time she was on the Bravo show.

Ashton and Rhylee clash the second she arrives on the yacht. She curses at him in one scene. In another scene, he declares Rhylee will not ruin the current family dynamic on the Valor.

The bosun makes it clear he is not happy to have Rhylee as part of his deck crew. There is nothing Ashton can do about it, though, because it was Captain Lee’s call. Rhylee and Ashton clashing will at least be entertaining for fans.

Besides hating her boss, Rhylee also wants to hook up with Brian. She does not care about his infatuation with third stew, Courtney Skippon. Oh yes, drama queen, Rhylee believes she can “f**K” Brian to the point he will forget all about wanting to sleep with Courtney.

The ladies may even come to blows over hunky Brian. One part of the Below Deck preview video features Courtney walking out of a bar in tears. The clip gives off the impression Rhylee did something to make her burst into tears. Could it be that Brian falls prey to new deckhand, giving in to her desires to bed him?

Whether she is fighting with Ashton or getting her claws into Brian, Rhylee is going to add drama to Below Deck season 7. There is a reason she was on standby to join the crew, and it was not because of her sunny disposition.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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