RHOSLC viewers agree with Heather Gay that Whitney Rose made Jen Shah’s trip about her

RHOSLC star Heather Gay says Whitney Rose made the cast trip all about her.
RHOSLC star Heather Gay and her BFF Whitney Rose had a falling out during the cast trip. Pic credit: @heathergay/Instagram

On Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, viewers saw the beginning of the falling out between BFFs Heather Gay and Whitney Rose.

It started with Whitney wanting to speak her truth. She had a conversation with Meredith Marks, and they both brought up rumors about Lisa Barlow. However, Whitney did most of the talking.

Whitney then wanted to organize a trip for Jen Shah before she had to fly to New York for trial preparations. All the ladies thought lifting Jen’s spirits was a great idea.

However, during the trip, Whitney revealed to the ladies the trauma she had gone through as a little girl.

And then, during Jen’s lingerie party, she decided to bring up the rumors about Lisa.

Whitney got mad when Heather didn’t back her up.

RHOSLC: Heather Gay and Whitney Rose disagree

Whitney brought up an event where she and Heather supposedly heard the rumor about Lisa. Heather said she didn’t hear their friend say it, but Whitney said she lied. They then both accused each other of lying.

Lisa had a breakdown and started crying, and she went to her room to call her husband while Heather and Whitney kept arguing.

The next night, Whitney said that Heather took her back to her trauma, where she didn’t feel heard or seen.

Heather stood her ground and said that she didn’t hear the gossip about Lisa. Furthermore, she told Whitney that the trip was supposed to be about Jen; instead, she made it all about herself. 

RHOSLC viewers say that Heather Gay is right

Many RHOSLC viewers are siding with Heather on this one. They believe that Whitney made the trip about her while their friend Jen was fighting for her freedom. Some also thought that Whitney weaponized her abuse when Heather called her out.

One fan wrote, “Is Whitney really weaponizing her abuse against Heather to say that her not supporting her in the gossip and drama is equivalent to that abuse and not being a safe space?!”

Another viewer wrote, “Heather is all of us.”

Another fan said that they were Team Heather. They wrote, “I am 100% Team Heather in this fight.”

At the time of filming, Jen was facing over 50 years in prison for being involved in a telemarketing scheme targeting the elderly.

Jen has since changed her plea to guilty. Her sentencing date was pushed back to December 15 and she will now be and is facing up to 30 years in prison for wire fraud.

Andy Cohen recently said at BravoCon that Season 3 will be Jen’s last season on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo

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