RHOSLC Season 2 trailer shows the moment police came looking for Jen Shah

RHOSLC Season 2 trailers shows police looking for Jen Shah prior to her arrest
Check out the RHOSLC Season 2 trailer. Pic credit:@Chad Kirkland/Bravo

The trailer for Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is here and it does not disappoint. If you thought the women brought the heat during their freshman season, get ready for a wild ride.

One moment that we’re all looking forward to seeing is the Jen Shah drama which involves her arrest for alleged fraud and money laundering. Apparently, the brunette beauty was filming the show when police showed up looking for her.

Jen Shah drama featured in RHOSLC trailer

In a clip for The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 premiere, the women are dressed and ready for a group outing but it doesn’t go as planned.

While waiting for the other women to arrive, Jen Shah got a phone call and that’s where things start to go downhill for the RHOSLC star.

In the video, Jen hung up the phone and told one of the producers, “I have some bad news.”

She then told her castmates, “I just got a phone call and I need to go.”

After Jen left, the police showed up asking for her and her castmates were confused, wondering how the police even knew where to find Jen.

“How did they know she was here? Somebody had to have told them she was here,” said Lisa Barlow.

In another clip, the police showed up at Jen’s home with a search warrant and they brought out boxes and documents as cameras captured their every move.

Meanwhile, the women are still on the bus and a news alert quickly adds more clarity to the situation as Whitney Rose read the latest headline.

“Oh my gosh! ‘Real Housewives star charged with massive fraud, money laundering scheme,'” said Whitney.

“I have the f**king chills” she added. “Her and Stu (Stuart Smith) were charged for stealing people’s money, fraud.”

Check out the RHOSLC taglines

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City trailer isn’t the only exciting thing that dropped recently, the taglines are here as well.

Sadly the cast did not get new photos for Season 2, but the intros are all new!

“The only thing I’m guilty of is being Shah-mazing,” noted Jen Shah– alluding to her fraud case.

“If you come for me, I will send Jesus after you,” said Mary Cosby.

As for Meredith Marks, she said, “I may be known for my ice, but I always bring the heat.”

Whitney Rose remarked, “In a town of beauties and beasts, there’s only one wild Rose.”

And for fan favorite Heather Gay, she chose, “I was raised a Mormon but now, I’m raising a glass of champagne.”

While newbie Jennie Nguyen gave us a hint of her personality with her tagline, “I have plenty of everything, including opinions.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 premieres Sunday, September 12 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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