RHOSLC Season 1 taglines revealed! Here’s what to expect based on the Salt Lake City cast catchphrases

The cast of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City pose holding snowflakes.
The cast of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City poses, holding snowflakes. Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo revealed the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City taglines two weeks before the season premiere, and they’re next level fierce.

Bravo posted pictures of each of the women’s taglines on Instagram.

At the beginning of each Real Housewives episode of any city, the women speak one line during their intro segment that is their statement on the season.

Sometimes it’s a reflection of their personality, and other times it hints at the drama they get involved with during the season.

The taglines are extra essential during a franchise’s premiere because it’s viewers first glimpse into new women they’ve never seen on TV.

The Utahns certainly did not disappoint with their catchphrases. Here is the takeaway on each tagline and what it says about each Housewife.

Heather Gay

Heather's tagline reads, "Just like my pioneer ancestors before me, I'm trying to blaze a new trail."
Heather’s tagline reads, “Just like my pioneer ancestors before me, I’m trying to blaze a new trail.” Pic credit: @bravotv/Instagram

Heather previously revealed during a Bravo TV video that she identifies as a “good Mormon gone bad.”

She came from a traditionally Mormon family and was considered “the Crown Jewel” of Mormonism after marrying Mormon royalty. However, she chose to go her own way with her faith after she got divorced.

She is a business owner and a self-proclaimed cougar. The other women have also given her the title of the “party animal” of the group.

Her tagline insinuates that she marches to the beat of her own drum. She proudly does what she wants, even if it isn’t the standard, and doesn’t care what others think of her.

Fans can expect some wild moments from Heather.

Jen Shah

Jen's tagline reads, "In this town I'm Queen Bee and MVP."
Jen’s tagline reads, “In this town, I’m Queen Bee and MVP.” Pic credit: @bravotv/Instagram

Jen’s tagline exudes Alpha energy. She isn’t afraid to admit that she is in charge and the center of attention and likely will be at the center of the drama this season.

She is the CEO of three companies and rules over her household, and she claims that she has worked hard for what she has.

As MVP, she loves to show off what she has through her style and lavish parties. She claims she spends $50,000 a month.

Her costars even deemed her “the shadiest” of the group.

She isn’t afraid to assert her dominance and fabulosity. However, those traits might lead her to some contentious situations on the show.

Lisa Barlow

Lisa's tagline reads, "When you take cheap shots always expect a hangover."
Lisa’s tagline reads, “When you take cheap shots always expect a hangover.”

Lisa clearly gets involved with some drama during this season. Her tagline hints that someone may come after her pretty viciously this season.

However, she warns that a “hangover” will come meaning she likely seeks vengeance against this person.

Her costars deemed her the most “lowkey shady,” and this tagline certainly doesn’t refute that.

Her tagline also plays at her career. The native New Yorker moved to Utah 20 years ago and pursued her own marketing company, representing companies like VIDA tequila. She even calls tequila “a gift from God.”

Mary Cosby

Mary's tagline reads, "I love God but I will read you like a scripture."
Mary’s tagline reads, “I love God but I will read you like a scripture.” Pic credit: @bravotv/Instagram

Mary has spoken about how faith is an important part of her.

Her grandmother founded a Pentecostal church that she inherited in addition to running other businesses after marrying her second husband.

She clearly goes to lengths for her faith. However, this doesn’t mean she isn’t afraid to throw shade.

Her tagline hints that she isn’t afraid to come after someone she feels is wrong, and perhaps fans will get to witness it this season.

Who will it be directed toward? Lisa?

Meredith Marks

Meredith's tagline reads, "Jealousy is a disease to which I say 'get well soon.'"
Meredith’s tagline reads, “Jealousy is a disease to which I say ‘get well soon.'” Pic credit: @bravotv/Instagram

Yikes. Meredith clearly has beef with at least one of the women in this group: beef that she attributes to jealousy.

Her Bravo bio explains that rumors surface about her that she is forced to deal with throughout the course of the season.

Even though she allegedly wears the pants in her family as a hard-working woman, this appears to have a situation she has no control over.

As her friends react, they may reveal their true feelings towards her.

Whitney Rose

Whitney's tagline reads, "This rose isn't scared to handle a little prick."
Whitney’s tagline reads, “This rose isn’t scared to handle a little prick.” Pic credit: @bravotv/Instagram

Not only does the tagline play off her last name, but it reflects her personality. She seems naturally sweet and dainty, like a flower. But like a rose, she has thorns.

It also insinuates that one or more women may come after her, leaving her to defend herself.

She shared that she experienced her fair share of judgment throughout the course of her life.

She met her husband at work. After a secret affair, she ended up pregnant and broke away from her Mormon background against her family’s will.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premieres Wednesday, November 11, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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