RHOSLC: Meredith Marks denies claim her ‘swollen face’ during WWHL appearance was due to a cosmetic procedure

Meredith Marks on WWHL
RHOSLC star Meredith Marks on WWHL. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives are known for their ever-changing looks season after season. The ladies of Bravo are not strangers to a little nip and tuck.

Meredith Marks was a guest on Andy Cohen’s Clubhouse Sunday night immediately following an explosive episode of RHOSLC. But viewers weren’t just talking about Lisa Barlow’s hot mic moment or who called the feds on Jen Shah.

They were also talking about Meredith’s new look.

Meredith may not be engaging on RHOSLCbut she is engaging with social media users. After the episode aired, Meredith spoke out, taking to Twitter in a now-deleted tweet.

Meredith Marks claps back at viewers’ rude comments

Twitter and Instagram were flooded with critical comments about Meredith’s appearance. When viewers began to speculate if she had work done, Marks was happy to shut it down, but fans were still left wondering if it was because of bad fillers.

One fan asked: “Did Meredith get fillers?”

Tweet about Meredith Marks
Pic credit: @Caroliros/Twitter

Another fan was convinced: “Meredith got something done to her face.”

Second Meredith Marks tweet
Pic credit: @Dang_Rashasd

Meredith addressed the harsh remarks in a tweet, which she later deleted: “As I am being asked about my swollen face… yes my face was swollen that day. No it was not a cosmetic procedure.” She added: “I am human. Not every day is perfect. Sorry.”

Pic credit: Twitter/Meredith Marks

Meredith made it a point to put an end to any speculations that she was receiving cosmetic work by directing people to an Instagram Story of her in Tupelo Park City with a friend.

Meredith has previously spoken openly about her cosmetic procedures. She admitted to her Instagram followers that she does get fillers occasionally, but that she has never had any plastic surgery done on her face.

On the flip side, she received support from fans calling her a gorgeous queen, swollen but beautiful, and stunning as always!

Meredith Marks also responded to Lisa Barlow’s hot mic tirade on Sunday’s RHOSLC

During a sit-down in Andy’s clubhouse, Meredith responded to Lisa Barlow’s outburst directed at her and her family on the most recent episode of RHOSLC. Meredith admitted to Andy that she had no idea Lisa felt so hostile toward her.

Lisa was enraged when Meredith came to Mary Cosby’s defense, and she accused her of not being as supportive of her.

Meredith seemed confused when she heard Lisa trash-talking her in Zion. She said she could only assume what triggered Lisa’s anger was that Lisa heard that Meredith called her house ugly.

Marks first heard about the explosive hot mic scene one day before the reunion, and admitted she had no idea Barlow was upset.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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