RHOSLC: Lisa Barlow denies sabotaging costar’s party, the caterers speak out in her defense

RHOSLC star Lisa Barlow denies she caused cancellation of caterers for Angie Harrington's event
Lisa Barlow denies sabotaging Angie Harrington’s event. Pic credit: Bravo

Lisa Barlow got accused by newbie Angie Harrington of trying to sabotage her event and now the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star is on the defense. Lisa and Angie were actually good friends but tensions started to manifest once Angie started getting close to Lisa’s nemesis, Whitney Rose.

In the latest episode, Angie was planning a charity function, and right before the event, the catering company–who are close friends with Lisa–decided to cancel. Plus, they mentioned Lisa’s name when explaining to Angie that they could no longer cater the function.

However, when Lisa was confronted she denied having anything to do with it, and she’s sticking by her story.

Lisa Barlow claps back at Angie Harrington

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star spoke out after the episode aired and denied trying to sabotage her castmate’s event. Lisa claimed that Angie did have food at her event because the caterer’s brother stepped in after the company dropped out.

“She forgot a key part. She had catering.!!!!” wrote Lisa on Instagram– as the drama continued to play out on social media.

“I would never cancel a caterer nor is that something anyone could do @marconiccoli and @aubreyniccoli are amazing people. They weren’t able to cater casino night, but he made sure to have HIS BROTHER fill in while they focused on their new restaurant. The food was amazing. Marcos BROTHER did an absolutely amazing job!!!” she added,

Caterers speak out in defense of Lisa Barlow

After the back and forth between the two Real Housewives of Salt Lake City stars the caterers finally stepped in to defend Lisa Barlow and call out Angie Harrington.

Aubrey Niccoli spoke out on behalf of herself and her husband Marco Niccoli– who Lisa Barlow had both tagged in her post.

Aubrey shared the screenshot conversations between herself and Angie and wrote, “RHOSLC TRUTH The truth is… @angieharrington completely fabricated this story to create a storyline for herself. She has falsely accused @lisabarlow14 of sabotage. Accusing us of bad business, and it is absolutely disgusting, hurtful, and most importantly FALSE,” wrote Aubrey Niccoli.

She explained, “We chose not to do Angie’s event ultimately as a business decision. We had prior conversations with Lisa, and Jens assistant (Stuart) to tentatively film at our newly opened restaurant. I said yes to gather more information about her event to see if we could do it. I never fully committed or took a deposit from Angie.”

Aubrey claimed she decided to cancel the event after speaking with one of the Bravo producers and not because of anything that Lisa Barlow said.

“I cannot say this enough… Lisa did NOT tell us to not do Angie’s event. Never happened and she never would do something like that. Let it be known Angie is the liar and the one sabotaging our name our business and Lisa,” concluded Aubrey.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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