RHOSLC ladies react to Mary’s absence in part one of the reunion

The ladies of Salt Lake City react to Mary Cosby skipping the reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Part one of the long-awaited Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion aired last night, and the ladies finally found out that Mary Cosby would not be joining them – for the reunion and also for next season.

Cameras were rolling when Andy Cohen revealed Mary would not be there, and viewers got to see the Housewives’ reactions.

They had plenty to say about their former co-star, and why they felt she should have shown up to face the criticism she received throughout the season.

What did Mary tell Andy about why she wasn’t attending the reunion?

The Housewives were shocked to learn that Mary was a no-show to the reunion, which is viewed as a mandatory part of being on the cast. As Andy began the reunion, he announced that Mary would not be in attendance and the reason for her absence.

“Well, it should be apparent to all of you that Mary chose not to join us tonight,” he said. “Disappointing, to say the least.” He said he encouraged her to show up during a telephone call, and “she was pretty upset about everyone speaking behind her back about her church.”

Andy informed Whitney Rose that Mary was very upset at her for describing her as a predator. He added, “She was stunned by that and kept bringing that up.” Whitney answered, “I wish she was here, because I’ve tried to have conversations with her throughout the season, and she would not afford me the respect of a conversation. And now we still don’t get to talk about it.”

Heather Gay also had feelings about Mary failing to show up, saying “Mary said so many insightful things in confessional and I gained respect for Mary watching the episodes. She has this weird ability to read everybody like the bible.”

Heather also expressed that it was strange that Mary would not show up to defend Meredith, who was basically her only friend in the group. “After everything that went down, Meredith could use as many people supporting her as possible. And Mary’s not here to do that,” she said. “And that makes me mad.”

Meredith responded, “I’m not sure the show is very healthy for Mary, but, you know, I like having her support.”

The cast responds to Mary’s racism, and what she said to Andy

During their phone conversation, Andy told the ladies that Mary said the claims of her being racist were baseless because she doesn’t “think that black people are capable of being racist.”

“They are. Everyone is capable of being racist.” Jennie Nguyen responded. Her response surprised viewers, as Jennie was fired from the show last month for offensive and racist social media posts.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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