RHOP: Mia Thornton reveals if she’s really leaving the show

Mia Thornton takes a selfie in full glam.
Mia Thornton clarified the meaning behind her recent tweets about leaving the show. Pic credit: @mrsmiathornton/Instagram

The Real Housewives of Potomac’s Mia Thornton has had quite the season so far.

From cancer scares to throwing drinks, Mia has been a big part of ongoing drama.

After a recent RHOP episode aired of her fight with fellow housewife Wendy Osefo, Mia took to social media with a message that left fans wondering if she was quitting the show.

She initially made no public apology about throwing a drink on her co-star.

Instead, Mia’s message indicated that she wouldn’t return for another season.

The Potomac housewife set the record straight about her potential exit from the show on a recent podcast episode of Pay Attention Puh-Lease!.

Mia Thornton shares cryptic messages

Mia posted the cryptic message on her social media for fans after the fight episode aired.

She wrote, “When you had to fight your whole life to make it out, you no longer remain in places that bring out what you worked so hard to overcome.”

Mia continued, “For the sake of my children, my family, friends, staff, and business partners. I have to move on.” 

Many fans agreed that by using the phrase “move on,” Mia seemed to hint that she was leaving the show.

After she shared her comments, she temporarily deleted her Twitter account.

She soon reactivated it and posted a message acknowledging her wrong actions toward Wendy.

Mia finally set the record straight about what she meant in her social media posts.

Mia sets the record straight about her rumored show departure

When questioned on the podcast episode if she was leaving RHOP for good, Mia clarified that’s not what she meant in her posts.

The Potomac housewife said she wouldn’t go to social media to announce her departure from the show.

Mia explained that she was simply saying she won’t deal with people’s negative opinions of her. She wanted to let followers know it wasn’t okay to attack her business partners and loved ones just because of her bad behavior on the show.

The Potomac star said that Bravo would have to fire her for her to leave the show. From someone who seems to thrive on drama, this may not come as a surprise to some viewers.

The fight between Mia and Wendy continues to play out on the show this season.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays on Bravo at 8/7c.

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