RHOP: Karen Huger has shady response about the return of alum Charisse Jackson-Jordan

RHOP star Karen Huger shades returning Housewife Charisse Jackson-Jordan.
Karen Huger is holding on to her Grande Dame title. Pic credit: @officialkarenhuger/Instagram

Karen Huger has officially earned her Grande Dame title after seven seasons as a cast member on the Real Housewives of Potomac. She has no intention of handing that crown over to anyone.

More specifically, she’s not giving the title to her rival Charisse Jackson-Jordan, who is set to make her return in Season 7.

Karen had a recent chat about the show, and when asked about Charisse’s return, she had quite a shady response.

There have been conversations among the cast that the returning Housewife is the true Grande Dame because she knows any and everyone in Potomac, and she was the one who brought the original group together.

Charisse starred on the show during the first and second seasons, but in Season 3, she was demoted to a part-time role. Soon after, she took a hiatus from the show, but now she’s back and ready to snatch the title from Karen.

The women will have quite the showdown, as the trailer showed them in a heated confrontation, and it won’t be long before we find out why they’ve been butting heads. However, at the end of the day, Karen believes she’s the only one truly deserving of the Grand Dame title, and she has no desire to give that up.

RHOP star Karen Huger shades Charisse Jackson-Jordan

The Real Housewives of Potomac star had a recent chat with Entertainment Tonight before the premiere of the new season, and talk turned to her nemesis, Charisse.

When asked to share her thoughts about Charisse rejoining the show after an extended hiatus, Karen asked, “Who?” before proceeding with an even shadier response.

“When you bring old dust bunnies around, recycling old dust bunny news, you’re going to get old news, you know?” she reasoned.

As for talks that her rival should be given the Grand Dame title, the 59-year-old called the idea “silly.”

“I’m very grateful for the fans for that title, I don’t take it lightly. I am who I am, and other people are who they are. Hence, I’m the Grande Dame,” added Karen.

Karen Huger responds to infidelity rumors

The Real Housewives of Potomac star will also be at the center of rumors regarding her marriage to husband Ray Huger in the new season, and it won’t be the first time.

The couple has been married for 27 years, but recently her castmates have been gossiping about her being unfaithful to Ray.

While Karen made it clear that she does not “pay attention to rumors,” she set the record straight during the interview.

“For the record: the Huger Institution is alive and well,” confirmed Karen. “The rumors are not true, but I am very, very grateful for the rumors. It certainly keeps me in the limelight, thank you.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac returns Sunday, October 9, at 8/7c on Bravo.

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