RHOP: Ashley Darby invites Wendy Osefo to group dinner, Mia Thornton reacts

Mia Thornton
RHOP star Mia Thornton calls Ashley Darby disrespectful. Pic credit: Bravo

Fans were shocked when they saw the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, where Mia Thornton threw a drink a Wendy Osefo.

She also hit Wendy with her purse and asked to fight her.

Viewers got a little preview of what’s to come on tonight’s episode. And it seems like Mia is still acting recklessly and making unreasonable demands.

In the preview, all the ladies were sitting at a restaurant to celebrate Karen Huger’s birthday. Ashley was outside talking on the phone with Wendy.

She asked her to come and join the ladies since they were on neutral grounds and not at Mia’s rental for the time they were in Miami.

Ashley then returned to the table and let the women know that Wendy would be stopping by.

RHOP: Mia Thornton calls Ashley Darby ‘disrespectful’

The Coffee and Love singer explained in her confessional that if the trip was really about Karen’s birthday, the professor should be a part of the festivities.

She is, after all, a friend of The Grand Dame’s too. Ashley said, “I don’t see why Wendy can’t be a part of the group.”

When Ashley got back to the table, she told the ladies that she just spoke to Wendy. Candiace Dillard asked her, “Did you invite her?”

Ashley confirmed that the Tears Of My Mother author was going to stop by.

Mia got upset that Ashley invited Wendy to come to join them at the Santorini restaurant.

She looked at the other ladies as she told Ashley that she was disrespectful.

Wendy Osefo says she doesn’t owe Peter Thomas a call

All this drama started over Peter Thomas, who is Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband. Mia said that Wendy should have called Peter to let him know that she was coming to Miami.

The professor explained that she didn’t owe him a call because she didn’t come in to do business with him.

She said the only person she owes an explanation of her whereabouts is her husband. Mia said that she knew about doing business and that she was the only black female in the boardroom.

Wendy pointed out that she was the youngest and the only black professor at John Hopkins University. After that, digs started flying until Mia threw her drink in Wendy’s face.

Mia got very aggressive while Robyn Dixon filmed the altercation. Robyn sided with Mia and admitted in her confessional that she only did so because she didn’t like Wendy.

Viewers have called out Robyn and said that she was a bully. Judging by the preview for tonight’s episode, this feud between Mia and Wendy won’t die down soon.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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