RHOP alum Katie Rost enters rehab for alcohol and Adderall addiction

Katie Rost
Katie Rost is taking care of her health by entering rehab for 30 days. Pic credit: ©

After years of speculation about her physical and mental health, The Real Housewives of Potomac alum Katie Rost has voluntarily entered rehab.

Katie took to Instagram over the weekend to let her followers know that she was taking this step to “kick alcohol and Adderall in a medical setting” and planned to share her journey.

She told her fans that she was so thankful for the opportunity to improve her well-being and reminded them that there is no shame in admitting that drugs that have been prescribed to help you could be hurting you.

Katie encouraged those who were interested to follow and support her journey to wellness and warned fans that “it may get interesting” because she planned to tell the truth every step of the way.

The 42-year-old former model admitted she had been using Adderall since the age of 12 to help with her diagnosed ADHD, and years of use led to dependency.

Katie welcomed any good vibes that friends and fans could send to her and for the haters to stay away while she focuses on getting well again.

RHOP: Katie Rost revealed a series of recent medical emergencies

The same day she entered rehab, Katie revealed that she had been suffering from seizures and posted a video from the beginning of October when she was hospitalized from her fourth seizure.

In her post, she thanked the nurse that was by her side and offered religious guidance to Katie. She told the story of how the nurse offered to read from the Bible with her, but Katie let the nurse know that she was Jewish. Katie admitted she thought she “was dying and going to Hell,” so she bonded with the nurse over scriptures, and it reminded Katie that healthcare workers are wonderful, as she called her nurse “an angel.”

Katie thanked the nurse publicly for being non-judgmental and for being about love, not religion.

Katie thanked her fans for their support on social media

Although Katie admitted that she did not have unlimited access to her social media while in rehab, she did find the time to make a post to thank her followers for kind messages and comments as she started her journey to sobriety.

Katie said the love was “truly humbling” and apologized that she was not able to personally respond to each one, but to consider the post her thanks.

The Bravo community is behind Katie on her path to healing and wellness!

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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