RHONY rumor: is Leah McSweeney joining the new cast?

RHONY alum Leah McSweeney at BravoCon 2022
Is Leah McSweeney returning to RHONY? Pic credit: Todd Williamson/Bravo

There’s a new RHONY rumor that former cast member Leah McSweeney might join the show, but is there any truth to this?

The first season with the new cast is about to wrap, and by all accounts, it’s been a refreshing change for viewers.

With six full-time Housewives on the cast, who mesh well and seem to have formed a real bond, it’s unclear why the network would need to shake things up.

Fans of the reboot had a lot to say about Leah’s alleged inclusion in the cast next season, and let’s just say they are not here for it.

The last time we saw the 41-year-old was on the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, and it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing.

Not only was she plagued with health issues and missed out on many of the group activities, but she also didn’t get along well with most of the women.

Viewers didn’t embrace Leah’s presence on the show either, but do they want her on the franchise’s first reboot?

Is Leah McSweeney joining the RHONY reboot?

A few Bravo fan pages have been posting on Instagram that Leah is in talks to join the new RHONY cast next season.

Reportedly, the controversial alum is being considered because the current group of newbies needs someone in the mix to spice things up. However, so far, no one has shared the source of this information, and it seems to have materialized out of thin air.

The RHONY cast is doing quite well for their first season, and throwing Leah in the mix would be an odd choice.

After @bravohousewives shared the story on Instagram, people quickly took to the comments to oppose the idea of Leah joining the reboot.

“How does the cast need a spice up?? Lol it’s been great so far,” exclaimed one viewer.

“Uggg she ruined the last one. I’ll never watch her,” said someone else.

One Instagram user said, “I’m actually enjoying RHONY please no don’t ruin it.”

RHONY viewers comments about Leah McSweeney
Pic credit: @bravohousewives/Instagram

Another commenter reasoned that adding Leah would be “Literally the worst idea ever.”

“NOO NOO NOO!!!! The person who thought this was a good idea, needs to get fired,” exclaimed someone else.

The new RHONY cast just had their first reunion

Meanwhile, the new cast, which includes Erin Lichy, Jenna Lyons, Brynn Whitfield, Ubah Hassan, Jessel Taank, and Sai De Silva, has officially ticked off their first season.

There are a few more episodes of the show left to air, but the women recently filmed their first reunion.

Host Andy Cohen teased that the cast did quite well for their first time, or in his words, “They killed it!”

“Their first reunion, daddy’s proud,” said Andy in a clip from the reunion set, as he told his followers that “everyone cried multiple times.”

“We had to refill the Kleenex box, it was wild,” he added.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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